Applying the Law Of Attraction to Life!

 I am a survivor. A survivor of mental illness, abuse, neglect, and because of my gifts which I, (for a very long length of time) considered them to be a curse, because I am clairaudient,(the ability to hear spiritual entities from different realms, and clairvoyant (ability to see into the future.) To be honest I thought I was crazy, until I witnessed a paranormal entity typing words on my mother’s cellphone, and my baby sister shared an experience with the exact same entities that I was hearing day and night! So I prayed, I prayed to God, Jesus, Angels, the Virgin Mary, my deceased loved ones to make it stop, but unfortunately nothing was working until one day I received a message. The message was plain and simple. These entities who I thought needed help crossing over, but to my great dismay discovered they were feeding off of my energy that believed in them. So then I experienced an epiphany, all of my previous beliefs and thoughts,along with my emotions which in the past was fear based, and if I changed my feelings towards my gifts and abilities, and towards the entities that were driving me freaking nuts, I could feel good feelings and harness the power of love, and happy feelings accumulated with positive beliefs and defeat everything that was causing me mental anguish. I remembered a quote from the Bible, “ask and you shall receive.” Then I started reading Rhonda Byrne’s books on applying the Law of Attraction, or as I like to call it the Law of Love. These books were a God send to my situation of hopelessness. I started practicing and applying the Law of Love in every aspect if my life, I was in control of my emotions, and therefore I was in control of my gifts. I obtained so much knowledge and applied to every single aspect of my life. The Law of Attraction and Love teaches whatever we give out we receive back in return. Thoughts transform and eventually manifest into reality. God created us in his image and gave us the power of free will, but also of creation. Now I know its a little far fetched, but your present reality is manifesting whatever you are giving out to the Universe! So if you feel bad about men, and think in terms such as a common misconception, ” All the good ones are taken,” and you feel negative badly about this, this transpires to the Universe, and thus creates your reality.

Quantum physics say for every action, there is a reaction. Thoughts are particles, electrons, protons, and neutrons, and atoms manifest and create and sustain life. Nature, the Sun, the Moon, the sky and the clouds and the trees are all flowing harmoniously with the Loving Universe. I say the Loving Universe because, actually there is no such thing as evil, or bad energy, there is only the absence of loving harmonious energy. God intended you to utilize your mind and feelings to manifest every single thing your heart desires. Father God/ or if you are more comfortable with me saying, “The Loving Universe,” is abundant and flowing and has so much to give to everyone. The trick is to focus on what you desire, do not say need, because The Loving Universe will always provide you with what you need no matter what the circumstances are, but think about what you really want, whatever what makes you happy, and fuse it with a waves and vibrations of powerful feelings of love and send love and happy thoughts to you achieving your deepest desires. Love and gratitude are the most powerful emotions, because when combined with visualization and high frequencies of loving, happy, grateful energy, you can manifest whatever your heart desires. There is only one rule of thumb. Do not, and I mean do not ever, ever, ever, ever, mess with someone else’s free will. Because if you do, that will come back to you tenfold! Sending loving, positive happy wishes to friends, family, and even strangers you pass on the street is a powerful way to magnetize abundance of everything you love. Think about it. If you are wishing financial prosperity and love, and good health/wealth for another person, someone else will return the favor!

So back to my gifts, the spirits I was hearing manifested due to negative situations which I partook in, and manifested into my life, but thanks to God/Loving Universe I was able realign my beliefs and fixate on what actually exists. Now I receive messages from those that have crossed over to the light, and the Angels that are God’s messengers who told me that I was chosen, ( for what I do not know as of yet) but because I am pure of heart. Even though I am an adult, I never lost my sense of wonder. I cannot bare to see anyone in pain, especially animals and children. I have been a vegetarian since age 5, which coincidentally was the age I started seeing Heaven in my dreams, and hearing angels. Now lets back up here. Negative energy/entities can only manifest through faith and fear. I have no faith in hell, or evil spirits, or the devil. This is because I was born with innate knowledge that I came from a amazing place where unconditional love, and God was present, and all my family and friends, (also animals) my pets, were meant to come here to learn and develop strength and our faith in everything that is good and loving, and peaceful and harmonious, and (heaven as some people call it) is our true home. The message that I want to relay is that you are beautiful no matter what anyone says, and God knows what is in your heart. God made the wonderful distinction of giving each and everyone of us our own qualities. It doesn’t matter if you are heterosexual, gay, transgender, bisexual, asexual, African American, Caucasian, Asian, we are all living, breathing, human beings deserving of love and respect, and nobody, and I mean NOBODY has the right to judge you. Whatever your true self is, you feel it in your own unique, precious heart, and you are loved. Lots of people think we are alone, but that isn’t true. We are all connected in the ripple affect (I will discuss the ripple affect in another blog.) So back to the Law of Attraction, what you reap is what you sow, and you get whatever you give out. So there is never a time when it’s too late, now is the time to start taking control of your life, and I mean intentionally, manifesting your near future reality.

So how does one take control? By intending to create your own destiny. Sit down,be as specific as you can possibly be,and write a list of everything you desire the Universe to manifest into your life. Do not try to figure out how the Universe will make it happen, just believe that whatever you are asking for will come true, and do not let a shred of doubt cloud your affirmations. So lets say you want to attract financial prosperity for you and your family. Now fill yourself up with the feelings of love and gratitude, (even if you haven’t received it yet) say ” Thank You Loving Universe for sending me millions and millions of dollars from an unexpected source with no harm to anyone, and thank you for making me a multi, mega, millionaire for the rest of my life. Feel elated, the enjoyment of receiving whatever it is you desire. Picture you doing all the things you would do if you had the money to buy anything your heart desired. Set aside a time of the day when you can visualize, or what some people might call ” day dreaming” of manifesting your hearts desires. Ask, believe, receive. Once you receive be grateful, but in order to receive you must also be grateful for whatever you have now, no matter how small or simplistic it is, it is significant when manifesting your hearts desires.

Now I believe I have rambled on enough, I have my own manifesting to do. My wishes are to be the ideal weight I desire, to have the house of my dreams, to be happy and healthy. And last but not least, for me, and my entire immediate family to become financially wealthy, prosperous for the rest of our lives. Thank you Loving Universe.

P.S.: The Angels said to tell you that in order for them to assist you all you have to do is go to a quiet place and speak out loud requesting the angels of God’s light to assist you in whatever you desire, and once you feel an overwhelming emotion of pure love and tears fill your eyes, that is a sign that they are present and you will receive your message. God/Loving Universe shower blessings on you all!

With all My Love,

Jessa Marie



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