What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of attraction, in the most simplest terms I can relay is a sacred Universal Law, that says what we believe, think, say, do, and especially Feel, is creating and attracting people, places, circumstances, and all the specific details of your life! Your thoughts, along with your feelings create your own personal reality. The average person thinks 60,000 thoughts per day, and most of us do not have control of our emotions and thoughts. I am here to tell you to stop thinking worrying! Stop limiting, and blocking the Loving Universe from sending you an array of an abundance of amazing health, wealth, love, financial prosperity, and happiness. Most people focus their thoughts and feelings on what they do not want, (whether it is intentional or not.) Stop this very moment, the Universe responds and gives you everything you send out! So if you are obsessing over bills, or unhappiness in love, or you hate your job, your home, your car, your marriage, or whatever, stop it this very moment. What we do not realize is that we are creating a ripple affect, for each negative thought, or feeling, we are creating a vicious cycle that perpetually will continue to draw negative circumstances your way. So what does it take to create happiness? Think and feel happy now! There are so many things you can be grateful for! Gratitude and love are among the most powerful tools to fuel manifesting your deepest desires into reality. When you wake up in the morning, most people dread the day ahead of them. Most people hate working! Stop right there! You are meant to have whatever it is that you want. Because, if you weren’t you wouldn’t feel a yearning for the greatest desires in your heart. The Loving Universe/Father God, intended you to create your reality and is responding to your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions. 

The way to manifest your greatest desires, even the small things, is to first ask, then believe by visualizing and pretending you already have what you want, then receive, and with a thankful heart be grateful for what you receive. To charge and change your destiny now, first say to yourself,” I  am the master of my mind and emotions.” Feel the unconditional love the Universe/Father God is sending out to you! Look at the landscapes of nature, the sun shining, the blue sky, the glorious white clouds, and you will see there is beauty in everything, and in everyone you meet. Start this very minute by being positive, to help with that write out a list, or mentally list the blessings you have. Do you have clothes to wear? A husband or wife, boyfriend/girlfriend to sleep next to and wake up together every day? It is okay if you are single, you can ask the Universe to send you the perfect partner, and describe the details you want your future partner to possess, even to a the last freckle on his or her cheek. Do you want to be a millionaire, or just have enough money to live comfortably? The Universe/Father God is sending an abundance of all good things to us all every single day, but our minds block it from manifesting into reality. There is an overflow and more than enough money to go around for everyone to be financially prosperous! The thing is, do not not think of ways how it will come to you, just ask, believe, send thoughts of love and gratitude for already having received your desires, and once you receive be even more grateful. 

God/Loving Universe wants us all to be happy, and stay on a high frequency, or energy of love, optimistic feelings that attract abundance of blessings and guidance into our every day, normal lives. When you learn to harness the power of love and gratitude, you will see magnificent  changes taking place in your extraordinary lives. The ultimate outcome should be perfect, wonderful, happiness and fulfillment of one’s life’s purpose. No matter what the circumstance, especially negative ones, you can always find a reason to love and be grateful for.  Set aside  a time every day, where you what some people like my mother call “daydream,” about your ideal lifestyle. You can be creative and be as specific as possible. You can create a vision board, where you cut out pictures of things you wish to attract and obtain in your life such as wealth, romance, a new house, a vehicle, the perfect body. Once you ask, know that it already exists and is waiting for you to grab a hold of it and accept it into your life. 

The most important thing is for you to discover yourself, and be your own admirer. What do you want? It can be anything, a house, two houses, becoming a billionaire, having the home of your dreams. Ultimately everyone desires to be happy, and they deserve to have that wish fulfilled, because God/Loving Universe intended it to be so. You would’t have a reason for living if you did not want to obtain the ultimate gratification of happiness. I don’t know about you, but I am hungry. I desire so many things and I am still trying to discover whatever it is that will complete me, and reach the final destination that will give me the greatest satisfaction.  Maybe we were always meant to continuously chase the dream? Who knows? With my sincerest heart I wish all my readers everything there beautiful, unique heart desires. Thank you for reading my posts! Happy Holidays!





Jenelle Ann























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