There Is More to the Story:The Law of Attraction.

Have you ever heard the phrase, ” ask and you shall receive.?”  This was spoken and referred to by many famous, inspirational mentors that became famous for their contributions to society. Newton, and Einstein were among those infamous individuals whom were keenly aware of the powerful force of our mind over matter. Einstein was a humble man, but he was also a genius, but he attributed his own successful discoveries in physics to other scientist that came before him, and he spoke of the power of gratitude.  Our mind thoughts, beliefs combined with our emotions contribute to our reality. So it is the Law of Attraction, or the Law of the Universe, that whatever you are fixated upon, you attract into your life. Look around you, and whether you are heavy or skinny, happy or sad, in a good or bad relationship, or rich or poor, you my dearest friends are the co creators of your own reality. To add to your thoughts, words, actions, the most powerful tools you have combined with your mind is your feelings! Whatever you feel strongly about, you attract. Like a moth to a flame.  So look around you. Are you happy with your financial situation? Do you have a good marriage, a nice house? Or, perhaps you are unhappy. Unfortunately the Universe responds to whatever you think, believe, and feel the most strongly about. So day by day. Step by step. You must begin to fixate and focus on what you DO want. Not what you Do not want!

I for example for years struggled with mental illness, and debilitating anxiety, OCD, ADHD, Bipolar, Borderline Personality Disorder, PTSD, and an acute agoraphobic panic disorder since I was but a small child. The main problem was a combination of severe, debilitating fear-anxiety,(which I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.)  Not only that but I am and since as early as I can remember I had special “gifts”. I am clairvoyant, a medium, empath, and clairaudient (the ability to communicate with eternal souls whom have crossed over into the light only) telepathically. I had to basically learn how to develop a loop hole in which I was able to control my unique blessings, and tune out whatever I felt like tuning out. Sometimes I speak with angels and they make their presence known utilizing the magnificent power of God/Loving Universe by encompassing me with a powerful wave of unconditional, overwhelming pure love. They tell me and show me things, and once they came around I began to feel safe. God created us and with the significant gifts of freewill he also gave us the power of co-creators of our own experience. We all are faced with different challenging scenarios, but no matter what the power of now, and the tools you were born with can turn any negative situation to a positive learning experience.  As a gifted psychic, as well as a person whom struggled with significant mental illnesses I know how hard life can be. I in fact, I  am a living, breathing, miracle. Despite my struggles, with my mental anguish and psychic/spiritual gifts that I sometimes considered a “curse”, I remained steadfast and kept my faith in God. Reading always helped me with my anxiety, and because of my struggles and the innate knowledge I was born with I knew that we had hidden powers to control our destiny. So I poured myself into all the famous “Law of Attraction”, books.  Authors such as ,( Ester & Jerry Hicks), and (Rhonda Byrne), became my saving grace when I was faced with the most difficult challenge of my life. I was on the verge of having a crises, or meltdown, and I picked myself up and refused to give into despair. I said I will face whatever challenge I need to face head on, and I became my own hero, such as the great (Rhonda Byrne), wrote about in her collection of “The Secret Books”, titled,” Hero.”  Through forcing myself to focus on what I love and desire, and thinking of people, situations, and things that make me feel good, I picked up the pieces and my life suddenly changed. Financially I am allowing the Universe to send me all the money from every resource it has to offer. I am happy, and using powerful affirmations, with the help of my biggest supporter, My Mother, I became stronger, and I am a survivor in spite of the odds being against me. 


What I learned was extremely beneficial and when I applied the methods of thinking of what I do want, and feeling emotional waves of deep and profound feelings of unconditional love and gratitude, even for the smallest details, everything in my world changed. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful Mother, three sisters, and my Aunts (on my mother’s side), as well as my Uncles, that are always there for me whenever I require assistance. I learned that to be grateful and remain kind despite whatsoever the circumstances arise, is the most you can do. You must take the good with the bad, and gradually with the Law of Attraction, once you begin feeling love and gratitude, even for the smallest things, makes all the difference, in which the Loving Universe sends more of what you love and are grateful for. We live in eternal Universe that knows no limits or boundaries, and we only have to have faith and know that with your affirmations, and positive vibes is drawing everything you want and an abundance of all good things into your life. So as I draw to a conclusion, remember there is no such thing as negativity, only the absence or lack of love. The Universe and Father God are limitless, and unconditionally generous and abundant and that your beliefs and great expectations can produce nothing short of a miracle. cropped-001













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