The Sacred Laws Of The Universe


Before we made the decision to incarnate here on planet Earth, in order to develop, expand our spiritual eternal selves, we were fully aware that this would be a difficult undertaking to say the least. Life can be hard. However, with knowledge of The Sacred Laws of the Universe, and the wisdom and capabilities to control your thoughts and emotions and utilize them as a GPS, to reach the destination of your choice. With the Law of Attraction, and which the  majority of religions that teach basically do unto others as you would have someone do unto yourself. There is only one creator, and even if you feel alone, know that we all are precious children of the magnificent creator of the entire Universes, and all the dimensions, in which we all are linked to in some mysterious way no matter what.



  • The Law of Vibration: Everything in the Universe vibrates including all matter. Consciousness contains powerful attracting fields and these Frequencies are like magnets, and contain the secrets of manifestation.
  • The Law of Cause and Effect: Often referred to as Karma, that which you send out to the Universe, people, places, things, thoughts and emotions create a ripple effect, and everything you give out comes back to you threefold.
  • The Law of Periodicity, ( The Law Of Rhythm states that everything in the Universe has a natural cycle, Change is constant, nothing stays the same. We are constantly evolving, in which we are gaining knowledge and insight, learning and growing.
  • The Law of Polarity: States that everything has an opposite. Opposites make existence possible.
  • The Law of Manifestation: States that everything takes time to manifest. There is a gestation period. Ask, Imagine (visualize, and use affirmations) coupled with emotion, receive, and be grateful for that which you have received.
  • The Law of Relativity: All of the Laws are related and correspond to each other.
  • The Law of Reciprocity: Practice doing good deeds and living in harmony with the Golden Rule, give and you shall receive.





















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