The Greatest Discovery

Growing up going to a private Catholic school I was often confused with what the devoted sisters were teaching me, and in between my daydreams, which happened to last all day long, and giggling with my best friends and passing notes on silly unremarkable observations we would laugh at regarding the crazy flying nun, Sister Victoria, I was often perplexed at the general idea that God was an angry, punishing God, and with what I always known, that God loved each and every one of us, and would never punish us. It is true that I would often feel God’s presence when I would gaze at the sky, and the sweeping hills of the green mountains, and various colors of the trees and shrubs surrounding my homestead. I would often dream of heaven and visit the deceased, or rather they actually were coming to me. It was family members of my friends, or my guardian angel, and then I began to here and feel a presence outside of myself but speaking through telepathic sort of way, and an overwhelming sensation of pure love, that God and the Angels spoke to me. I was told that I would receive a miracle, and that my life even though at times it may be difficult, that I would also receive an array of abundant blessings. The loving Father God I knew would never ever send one of his children to a place of perpetual torment and agony. The God that I knew was unconditionally loving and forgiving, and understood the reasons behind my white lies, and childish sins. So back to God, I realized that God not only created us in his image in the physical sense, but also gifted us with the tools to utilize our minds, and feelings, and hunger for life’s offerings, that we too were blessed with the ability to be co-creators in our Universe. The gift of free will, and co creation, which boils down to the Laws of the Universe, show that whichever you believe and allow to exist does exist, and will continue existing if you allow it. 

Now that I have discovered the most powerful secret tool in the Law of Attraction, which is what some as Ester and Jerry Hicks’ s authors describe as “The Art Of Allowing.” When you want to manifest something in your life with good feelings, so we can align ourselves with whatsoever we desire to receive, and feel yourself allowing it to be a part of your own personal reality/Universe, you will always get whatever you desire.  I know that some of you are thinking of certain negative scenarios that have unfortunately occurred, and think, ” I never wanted this to happen, that is awful!” I am here to tell you your previous beliefs and worries, thoughts develop and attract negative situations by your allowance of them to exist and occur in your own reality.  Think about getting into a frequency where say you desire a new, improved home. First Ask, Allow by getting the feeling of believing it will and can come into your life whenever you wish for it. Do not get caught up in the specifics of how it will materialize into your world, but you must align and center yourself to be open to receiving your dream house down to the last details of  customized cabinets, with a large island, with marble counter-tops, and the dishcloth hanging from your six burner stove, and oven combination. 

Now some of you may be shaking your heads, and saying this is fiddle faddle. Yes I actually just use the phrase fiddle faddle, haha. But believe me if you decide to, I highly recommend reading The Hick’s ” Ask and You Shall Receive” books.  Because trust me, I have read, and re read all the Secret books, by Rhonda Bryne, which to a certain degree helped. However, the Hick’s books taught me the most critical process of utilizing the Law of Attraction, and that is getting yourself onto a frequency where you allow your desires to become tangible, physical, real life manifestations into your life. I was blown away by the speed of my attracting things, people, circumstances that I only asked for and thought happy thoughts. If it were not for resistance or tension we feel, because we are only human, we would not even need to ask, and everything we desire would come pouring into our life.  Allow yourself, and others around you to be abundant, happy, prosperous, healthy, loving, kind people that deserve to receive all the blessings this magnificent Universe has to offer.

In retrospect, I wish I read this book in my early twenties, but I am in my early thirties, and it doesn’t matter when you learn that the Universe is meant to provide everyone with everything they need and desire in gargantuan abundance. You are not taking anything off of anyone, the Universe/God is equipped and ready to provide food, shelter, prosperity, excellent health, happiness, joy, love, and maybe some jewelry too please forever. You are evolving and every day we all learn something new, let your intuition, and the Law of Attraction guide you to your greatest heart’s desires. May the Loving Universe Bless you all!inspiration.jpg











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