The Missing Piece to the Puzzle

As I continue to devote myself entirely to promoting, using, and paying it forward with all the knowledge I have obtained from a combining factors of  extraordinary gifts from God, while voraciously reading the Abraham-Hicks Books, based on the law of attraction, I am experiencing what can only be described as awe-inspiring epiphanies that everything I hold the entire Universe and all that it’s entailed, in the palm of my hand. Ester and Jerry Hicks experienced a phenomenon. I realized that literally all my thoughts really, feelings, and especially words, are dictating my future! We are magnets! But here is the catch, in the process of manifesting you must realize that you attract whatsoever you think, and allow to exist in your life. “The Art of Allowing”, can only be described as asking for what you want, and feeling good in which you believe that it already exists and the only thing holding it back from you receiving your heart’s greatest desires is your mind mixed with your firm beliefs, visualizing, and by believing that you will be a multi-mega millionaire! So like attracts like, and you must let go of resistance, tension, and stop worrying. The Universe is a loving atmospheric source that wants you to have an array of abundant blessings, such prosperity, romance, and the ideal body weight that you so desire. Or the perfect house perhaps, with the perfect husband or wife? Whatsoever you expect or lack of a better word, anticipate will materialize into your own personal Universe.

The Universe, like you, or us humans, and all living creatures are in perpetual state of evolving, changing and expanding. The more you get, the more you want and that is okay. If you are generally a happy person then you will have an easy time attracting your greatest wishes. But if you are the type of person that scoffs at the idea that we all are really co-creators, and attracting everything, everyone, and every single scenario into your reality. The more you think about it the more it makes sense. You wake up in the morning, and your alarm goes off. You promptly either hit the snooze button on your phone, or you crawl out of bed, and you anticipate a specific type of day at work, or taking care of your three children, while you kiss your husband or wife goodbye and they go off to work. We are habitual creatures, and in order to attract changes, you must first change yourself, then you will find an abundance of happy, positive opportunities coming to you by the dozens. The more you think about something, and enforce that with your emotions, you are creating a scenario, and it could be either good or bad. The way you are feeling will lead you to whatever situation you bring into your own personal reality. So, with practice, and patience, you can start focusing on thinking more positive thoughts, and then start feeling optimistic emotions. I thought it would be a lot harder then it actually was. Every day I wake up, I say “Thank you God for letting me sleep peacefully, and happily all through the night.” Then I take my morning medications, and I say thank you again for my apartment, and as I get into my car and see that I have snow tires, and gas, and the car is fairly new, I say thank you for that. Then my favorite part of the morning is spending time with my nephew, and drinking my coffee smoking my Marlboro Menthol 100s, and just reading a book and methodically planning my day ahead, and I say, “Today is going to go smoothly, and I am going to have a peaceful, happy, joyful day!” 

When I look at my life, I really see that I am truly  blessed. I am a medium/empathic clairvoyant/clairaudient, and I shield myself every day so I do not pick up low or negative energies. The Universe is made up of the force of Father God. He is evident and clearly everywhere as you see the picturesque landscapes of the rolling mountains, lakes, oceans, fields, trees with various colored leaves, and they provide us with abundant of carbon monoxide, in which oxygen is created for us to breath effectively and live our lives. This is all a part of the “Law of the Attraction,” in which it is too complex for anyone to comprehend.  Since God is the Loving Universe, this translates that our natural state is to be benevolent, which means every one’s true nature and the life force of the Divine Universe is loving and all things that are inherently good. Some people call it “Well-Being,”such as the Abraham-Hicks authors, and some people call it our natural state of love. Whatever it is, there is certainly no such thing as anything dark or evil, that is made up by humans, and do not get me wrong, there are bad people out there in the world. The majority of us, deep down are good eternal souls who came here to learn, grow, and evolve to a higher level, and co-create manifestations where anything and everything is possible.

I realize some of you will be non-believers, but these are the Laws of the Universe. You get, whatsoever you give out. Such as the laws of karma, and gravity. You all have the potential to add to our amazing world more and more beautiful inventions, stories, books, movies, biographies, and discoveries. We are not alone in this vast, continuously expanding, evolving Universe with many different multi-dimensions. We would have to be very so delusional, and so self-centered to actually think that we are the only intelligent life out here in this vast, never-ending Universe. Back to the subject, the Laws of the Universe serve us well when you explore your theories, and manifest your desires, and see the results. Miracles happen every day, and today could be one of them.









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