The Meaning of Life

As a little girl, I always knew things that others did not. I knew we came here to learn, and that we existed in a magnificent place where joy, and magic, and unconditionally love, and immense happiness was abundant in this land of Paradise. We could choose whatever age we wanted to be. We chose our names, our looks, and the various important activities we were drawn to, because the benevolent Creator made us all unique, and special, and gave us specific, and various talents, quirks, and we were over joyed with ourselves, and we loved and respected one another. We could even change our appearances and we were co-creators who took an active part in creating the world, and what we now inhabit, plant Earth. The rolling hills of the mountains, the majestic sea, and the great pyramids of Giza in Egypt were not a mistake. We all chose to come here, and only the strongest of the eternal souls could gain access to incarnate into this life, into the human form, and physical world. 

God is everywhere, and in everyone, and everything. Father God loves all of us, even those who have turned their backs on him. God loved us so much, that he created an Abundant Universe, that has no end, and no beginning, but always was. I recall as a child, swinging on my swing-set my wonderful parents gave me, in my large backyard, gazing at the sky, age 5 and knowing I was sent her for a very important mission. This mission is the only thing I still have yet to discover. When I was 16, a voice spoke to me and said, “Wait, God will send you a miracle.” Then two years ago, an overwhelming sensation of pure love washed over me, and filled me up, consumed, me and a voice spoke. “You are so loved, you are pure of heart.” “No matter what you went through, you never lost faith in God.” “You were chose to be a vessel of love for God.” “Many blessings are on there way for you.” So ever since then I have heard the angels, and as I am studying the “Law of Attraction,” I realized God not only created us in his image, and gave us free will, but he also made us co-creators and gave us an ever expanding, wonderful, evolving, abundant, prosperous, loving, amazing Universe where anything and every thing is possible.

I am here to tell you, we are loved beyond human comprehension. Only very few people will hear the voice of God, and there is so much more to life than we all realize. The Law of Attraction, and the ever abundant Universe is reflecting and sending you everything you focus on. So if your primary focus is to worry about money, then you will create more scenarios where you have to continuously worry about money. You do not invite despair into your life, and give up, and say “Life is hard.” No, You say, “I can and will be, do, and have anything and everything I desire.” We are magnets attracting everything we give credence to. So if you make a big deal about some negative situation then you will create more and more negative circumstances. The Universe doesn’t care what you want, it is reflecting whatsoever you are thinking and what you feel the strongest about.

A lot of us desire many things, and most of you really do not know what it is you actually want out of life. So I suggest getting a journal, or a notebook and making it a book of endless possibilities. Where you allow, and write out the best case-scenario possible. It doesn’t have to be a journal, it could be a tablet, or use it on your laptop or smart phone, but write the story of what you feel that is your perfect life where miracles happen every day. This will magnetize your desires, and fuel to the fire. When you are done writing each day, write a best case possible scenario, read it out loud, and say “Thank You,” to the Universe/God and really allow it to come and flow to you. If you are going through a difficult time, or you are ill, you can always turn it around by refusing to be ruled by disease or negativity. Laughter is often the best medicine, and so is love. Loving yourself is the best way to manifest, because you are saying to the Universe, “I am truly worthy of receiving all my desires, because I am a good person, and I deserve anything and everything.” Think about all the hard times and good times, and only allow yourself to remember the positive aspects you accomplished. See yourself as the best person you can possibly be. We are all God’s children, and we are all deserving of love, health, prosperity, happiness, and feeling good. 

Today is a good day for a new life. Each day when I wake up, I see an array of possibilities coming to fruition into my life, because I am a good person. I know that somehow everything I ask for, I will receive. And that my dear friends, is the best feeling in the world. 

Happy Holidays! Be safe.












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