Manifesting Your Dreams

As I discover more and more ways to work with the Law of Attraction, I too sometimes have my moments of uncertainties. But that is natural, and I quickly dismiss any negative thought. This year I know will be a year of wonderful changes, and happy surprises, health, wealth, and happiness are all their way for you and me. When you discover what you really want, instead of focusing on what you do not want, you set yourself in what the Abraham-Hicks teachers call, and “Alignment of your desires.” The greatest thing you could do is be, feel, and act happy and joyful as possible. Whatever you feel strongest about will take up your attention, and be a major part of your life, because you are doing what they call “allowing”, whatsoever you feel deeply about to be a part of your own life experience. So desire, and intend for it to happen, without trying to figure out the way it will come to you, because that is the Loving Universe’s job, and allow yourself to receive your greatest dreams come true! 

The year of 2018, will be a major turning point for all of us. The most important thing for you to remember is whatever you give your attention to the more the Universe will reflect that back to you. So with tough love, I say you get whatsoever you think and allow yourself to feel about. 

I know there are many of you out there, who struggle with difficult situations. My personal life was taking a turn for the worse. My train derailed, and I had to pick up the pieces. I am in recovery now, and doing much better, and thanks to Rhonda Brynes and Ester and Jerry Hicks, I learned so much about how we are all co-creators in this Universe. For years I struggled with mental illnesses and although I still have my days where life seems difficult, I know that this too shall pass. I know you wonder why some people have amazing lives, when they are actually bad people. It is because The Universe doesn’t distinguish good from bad, these people are in a perpetual state of say, the 1 percent billionaire class. They always have money because they think thoughts of loving money. I know it sounds strange, but God doesn’t want you to “Carry your Cross”, as the Nuns taught us in Catholic School. No, in fact Jesus even used the Law of Attraction, and thanked his Father God, for everything whenever he performed a miracle. Jesus was a man, and he even said , ” Love one another as you would love yourself,” or “Treat others as you would have them treat you.” Yes, he was in fact trying to teach everyone the greatest Laws of the Universe. “Ask and you shall receive,” and those who have faith will have anything and everything they want. Albert Einstein stated,” I stood on the shoulders of giants,” meaning his academic success was attributed to other intelligent scientist who had made discoveries in Physics and Chemistry before him. Even in the “Law of Gravity,” you can find that, indeed the Law of Attraction is apparent. All things are made up of matter, so why can’t our thoughts and feelings be real as well? 

This year I hope our nation which I feel is very divided and has regressed, will turn around, because good is inherent in almost everyone. There are a few souls that are not so good, but the majority of us are children of God. We are all connected, through the infinite powers of the Universe. I pray that our nation changes for the better, and the ignorant become educated, and enlightened. We are truly meant to live happy, fulfilling lives, and love is the greatest gift you could ever give someone else. Even if they are your enemy. Because of the Universal truths, kindness is something that we are lacking, and that is a tragedy in itself. Nevertheless, to quote Anne Frank, ” Underneath it all, I still believe all people are good in their hearts.” Happy New Year! 2018!



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