The Key to Happiness/ Our Nation

Most people do not allow themselves to think of what it is that they truly want, only what they must do to survive, pay the bills, feed, shelter, and clothe yourself  and your family, you name it. We have come from a place of profound Love, where the kingdom of Paradise is filled with joy, and the Divine creator’s unconditional love for us motivated us to come here to learn. Now there are other dimensions, and other Solar Systems with intelligent life, but Earth, is like the elite college of the Universes. Only the strongest of the strong can come here. The reason we all chose to come here was because we desired to grow, and be co-creators and create more beauty, joy, and obtain infinite wisdom and knowledge that will unlock the key to everlasting happiness. If you think about it, everything you have been through in your life, whether it was difficult, heart breaking, or just an up hill battle, you learned something out of those experiences. You couldn’t have possibly learned the lessons you have learned from going through difficult times, as to oppose having an easy life. God wants us all to be happy, so with the wonderful gift of free will, he also bequeathed us the gift of being “Co-Creators”, of our own realities. 

Now I know many of you will not like to here this next part, but everything you think, and add feeling to, creates your reality. Say you are remembering a specific scenario in the distant past that caused you much heart ache, and mental anguish, and that makes you feel very sorry for yourself, you are re-creating, (unintentionally) but yes, you are creating another circumstance that will cause you those very same feelings. Now the average person thinks around 60,000 thoughts a day. I am not saying to completely moderate your thoughts, but you can change your outlook on life. Be grateful for what you have, no matter what position you are in, good things can always come into play. The best way to achieve happiness, using the laws of the benevolent Universe, we can change our feelings to feeling and thinking things that inspire happy emotions, and then another happy thought will follow, and then another, agond eventually if you only would “believe it by allowing it,” The Universe will respond and send you everything that makes you happy. 

Before we came here, we planned our lives. We even picked out our own bodies, and we were aware that we would be co-creators of our own realities. This gave us much joy and I anticipated it with unbelievable ambivalence, that I would somehow change the world. I do not know how that will happen, but eventually God and his Angels will reveal to me the biggest mystery of whatever I am supposed to do. I always knew I was “chosen”, for something very special, since as far back as I can remember, I remember swinging on the swing-set my loving parents bought for me, in your spacious, fenced in backyard, looking up at the clouds and remembering that I existed before I was born here on planet Earth. I would sing to God, and I recall, knowing that God was good, and wanted all of us to be over joyed with abundance of blessings. I somehow knew that I had something of importance to perform or carry out in this life time for God. I was so delighted and excited to do this for my God, because I always  loved God immensely and knew that he loved me, and everyone else as well. I still am in the dark, and unaware of whatever spectacular mission the Lord gave me, but once he and his angels reveal that to me, you can be sure, I will carry it out and do whatever it is. 

2018 will be a year of great changes for me, and everyone else as well. We are all divided now in our nation because of political agendas, and corruption in our legal system, and government. Our nation has somehow taken a step backwards, and all the hateful, prejudiced, racist, unjust individuals were exposed, while the rest of the world looks at us with deep disappointment and us few, who know the truth, are being hushed, and ushered out of the arena so the uneducated, ignorant masses can continue to rally against what our Fore Fathers stood for. Our constitution was written that anyone may come here to escape persecution, and practice their individual culture’s beliefs, along with their religious preferences. But now, people are all being labeled as if they were not human and just a category where we could put stereotypes on the market and say, “All Islamic civilians are terrorist,” or the 2nd amendment is more important than providing restrictions on who can  be able to purchase a gun. The rest of the world thinks we are lazy, arrogant, uneducated, self-centered, perverted civilians and that we have the nerve to think we could meddle in affairs that do not concern our-well-being, because, America is the greatest country right? 

I somehow got off the topic of Universal Laws. What I am trying to convey is instead of rallying against war, and the hateful prejudice groups, we should be Pro-Peace, Pro-Love, Pro-Acceptance, and show the world, that even though some of us are what the other countries believe, arrogant, lazy, inconsiderate Know-it-alls  that there are loving accepting individuals who have expanded mind sets, where we believe that every living, breathing mammal deserves unconditional love and respect, dignity, and kindness. I am a Liberal-Democrat, and I know that not all Republicans are not only  for the rich. There has to be some good amidst the bad, right? I am not shooting for stars here, I just believe that all people deserve to be treated fairly and equally. Stereotypes and racism, sexist, xenophobia is not the answer. And, although I may not have been a supporter of The GOP, and our present day- Commander in Chief, I see an awakening beginning to take effect. Those that closed their eyes and turned their heads to injustices are now speaking out against the unjust. People are starting to become more compassionate, and love and acceptance should be taught to our nation’s children in order to promote a United Nation where Liberty and Justice for All, Prevail, despite what others may think. 

2018 will be a year of happiness for us, where we come together, and even though we may not all not agree on every subject, we will be accepting of others opinions as well. I anticipate a wonderful for us all. God/Loving Universe Bless all of you!




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