Step By Step: You Are a Co-Creator

This year, many people are depressed, sad, and concerned with the state of our government/legal affairs. I actually decided to remove any social media, stopped watching the news, and focused on what makes me smile. God/Loving Universe is consistently reflecting back whatsoever you think, and feel strongest about. So for example, if you are in position, where something terrible is happening because you despise this, and its your worst fears come true, it is because you allowed it to manifest into your life by paying attention to it and adding strong emotions, in which you can instantaneously turn around. The Teachings of Abraham-Co Authors: Ester and Jerry Hicks, describe the process of elimination, “If you resist, it shall persist!” So now you are aware of what you do not want, bridge your thoughts and start thinking about what it is that you actually truly want for yourself. The Universe isn’t selective, it doesn’t pick and chose lucky people, as opposed to us “unlucky”, people. No whatever you think about, and feel strongly about you attract. And the more attention and feelings of vibrations, or frequencies, you manifest it until it becomes an accepted part of your life, and is a part of your beliefs! God gave us so many gifts, the gift of life, procreation, free-will, and being Co-Creators in our Universe. You must unlearn what you have learned. God-Loving Universe, wants you to be happy. Money isn’t evil, that is something bitter people tell lies about because, the truth is too much for them to handle. 

Next, I am going to take you on a step by step basis. There are many ways you can play, make belief, and imagine you already have what you desire, by spending at least 15 to 20 minutes a day, visualizing the perfect life you so desire. Ester and Jerry-Abraham-Hicks, call this the “Deliberate Creation.” For example we can start small, or big, but set a goal of what you would like to achieve within the next 60 days or so. Write them down, or create a vision board, or find a beautiful box, and put meaningful items inside that box that symbolize what your heart desires. For me, I use writing, because I feel like I have so much to say, and it just comes natural to me. So with Deliberate Creation I am going to say,” Within 60 days I will have my ideal body.” Then either on your phone, or laptop, or tablet, or on your vision board chose a body that you would be thrilled to have. Next you intentionally say to God/Loving Universe, I want to look this way, and be perfect, beautiful, and skinny and weigh 117 pounds by March 22, 2018. Next by use your imagination, what clothes will you wear, how will you feel when your at your perfect weight, or maybe, you are single and will start dating once you feel confident again.  The next part,”The Art of Allowing”, or believing that you will indeed be skinny, rich, happy, or whatever your heart desires. Then you will achieve the results you intended, and this happens by feeling skinny, or rich now. In order to attract, like attracts like. So think thin thoughts, or happy rich, prosperous thoughts, or all of them. 

The ever abundant Loving Universe is always trying to send you an array of abundant blessings, and the more positive you are, the more chances you have of attracting that which what makes you feel that special glow inside. So light up your own personal Universe, and grab a hold the bull by the horns, and say “Now I see, I have been in charge all along.” But seriously, I highly recommend you read “Ask and You Shall Receive,” By Ester and Jerry Hicks, who channels her spiritual guides, whom refer to themselves as one name, “Abraham.” Then, Read “The Essential Teachings of Abraham: The Law of Attraction.” I also recommend that you believe in yourself. Ask yourself, what is the purpose of life, if I cannot have what I desire? Then you ponder some more, and realize, that yes this does make sense, Quantum Physics makes perfectly sound sense. Thoughts are things, and we are eternally attracting without being aware, our normal routine days. Instead of sitting back and saying I will wait for this to come in the future, decide that you want it now. For once you start feeling rich, skinny, happy, healthy, loved, etc….. The Universe mirrors back that which you intentionally feel. Whether it is unintentional or not.

My eternal appreciation to you all, and especially, Ester and Jerry Hicks, and “Abraham.” I too can channel spirits only from the Other-side, where we all come from. I sometimes have Angels talking to me, and they make their presence known by filling me up with so much love, my human mind is moved to tears of happiness, and pure, unconditional love. You can call on the Angels anytime you need them. All you have to do is go to a quiet space. And close your eyes. Visualize a white light surrounding yourself, and filling your entire body up to the brim. Then start asking questions, for you will eventually receive inspiration telepathically from your Guardian Angels. God/Loving Universe Bless you All!

















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