My Life, My Gifts from God

I apologize for not writing anything new for the past couple weeks. As it happens, I have been working with Angels, and the Law of Attraction. I used to think my abilities were curses when I couldn’t harness, and control what I took in, until one day the angels spoke to me for the first time. I am clairvoyant, ( to see without physically seeing.) (Clairaudient), able to hear good spiritual entities, and communicate with the Angels from what we humans call Heaven.) Claircognizient, (having a sense of confident reassured knowing, innate wisdom that you have no way of being aware other then God’s gift giving you the ability to sense and know before you are given proof of something.) Clairsentient(able to sense all living, breathing beings, both in the physical world, and non-physical world, feelings.) And, last but not least I am a medium. I used to hate my gifts. Knowing what everyone thinks, and feels about you was hard going to school, throughout middle school when my gifts became more clear, and later on high-school boys thoughts were not things I wanted to know. So I tuned everything out. I asked God to block me from hearing, seeing, and sensing, and knowing things that I would rather not sense or know. But eventually, as an example, now God wants me to utilize and be grateful for my gifts to work with him and his messengers, The Angels. 

First off, God is infinite, and Divine, which means Father God’s essence for a better understanding term, is everywhere. In the flowers that blossom in spring, in the snow that lights up the world when it is freshly fallen, and in everyone he created. We are all God’s children. God made us in his own image, and God can take any image he chooses. God blessed us with so much that we often do not realize, and take our freedom, and free will for granted. He even made us Co-Creators, in which we could deliberately create whatsoever we desire by focusing on what it is we do desire, and not what we do not desire.

When working with the Angels, all you have to do is call out to them in your mind, or out loud, or writing a letter to them, and they can assist you in every aspect of your lives. The Angels work on God’s behalf, so technically you are praying to God, but his workers are assisting him and you and me in achieving manifesting our greatest desires. 

In order to better understand the art of attracting your desires, you must let go of all negative feelings, and thought patterns. Underneath it all the Universe is benevolent and wants you to have everything you desire. If you can picture it, and feel the desire for your dreams, relationships, money, a house, and children, or anything, you will inevitably receive whatsoever you are asking for. The Angels of Abundance, and Prosperity are really waiting for you to ask them to help. For it is, without your permission they may not intervene, unless you ask them to assist you in finding the perfect partner, husband, wife, and financial situation, etc…… 

Next I would like to discuss how the Law of Attraction works. When you think of something that you enjoy such as waking up in the morning when the house is still quiet and everyone is sleeping, you are sending waves, or vibrations of appreciation for these precious moments. You must align, and expect your desires to manifest by getting yourself onto a frequency or vibration of allowing it to flow to you without any feelings of hesitation or fear. Remember there is no such thing as evil. Negativity is a human manifestation of lack of love. There is only love flowing throughout the Universe, you just need to tap into it. Be grateful for all the wisdom you have gained throughout your life, and be grateful for your life is precious, and we are but flickering moments in the stars and death is the awakening unto our true selves. 
















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