Angels: Manifest with the Help of Angels

The Loving Universe is constantly evolving and growing, as are we. Father God is infinite, and Divine, which means he is everywhere, and in everything. Every rainbow, sunshine, flowers blooming, children laughing, kind acts from strangers. With the help of his messengers and his spiritual Army, The Angels are constantly with us. Most people have at the least two angels guarding them. I have come to know one of my Guardian Angels, whom I call Serina. My angels give me advice. For example yesterday I was driving my car and a voice spoke to me through my mind and said,” do not take the highway, there will be too many trucks and torrential downpours, and you will not be able to see in your car.” So sure enough on my way to my appointment I listened for once, and took the back way, and right away there was a gush of downpour rain coming down so hard, I was barely able to see. In order for you to receive assistance from God or the Angels, you must give them permission to intervene, because of freewill, they cannot interfere unless you allow them to. Once you start working with the angels you will notice things in a different way. You will be more inclined to have positive thoughts, you can let go of past resentments and you will  become more forgiving. The Angels can also detox your body of any residual energy, or low vibrations, or any negative/dark feelings, and replace and replenish you with love and happy energy. This is very important, because in order to live a happy life, you need to feel good feelings, and think good thoughts. There are many ways you could contact your angels. You could ask your guardian angels to tell you their names, or ask for signs, and you could even write God and his angels a letter and ask them to take care of all your worries away, and bring an array of abundance of health, wealth, happiness, and love and joy in your life. Manifesting with the angels is an amazing experience, because Heaven’s celestial souls are always watching over us while we live our lives, and they want you to be happy. God and the Angels want you to have everything you desire. As long as it is a good intention and doesn’t interfere in a negative way with anyone’s freewill. You could also visualize a white sparkling light surrounding you and that is God’s energy, and that protects you. It only allows loving vibrations to come through. Also for sensitive people, a golden light, which is God’s holy spirit can surround you and be a shield against all negativity. As a person with psychic gifts, and all clairvoyant abilities I find it much easier surrounding myself so I do not pick up any negative frequencies, or energies. This also helps people that are called Emapaths, (sensitive people whom feel all living creatures feelings/emotions), which can be very draining and depressing if you do not cut chords, and cleanse your entire being. 

So my wish for you, would be to call on your Angels ask them to help cleanse and rid yourself of any toxic, or bad vibes, and bring in abundant blessings. Work with them in manifesting your desires by visualizing what you want and ask God and the angels to make this come to you as quickly as possible. As we continue along our journey in life, we continuously grow, and learn spiritually, until it is time for us to return home to paradise. I wish love, good health, and prosperity for you all. 






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