Student of the Universe: Manifesting Techniques

I continue down my path as being a “Student of the Universe”, and learning everything there is to know about manifesting and watching my thoughts and feelings, so that I continue to give out good energy as opposed to bad energy. I am reading several metaphysical books, as I have always done, and delving deeper into to the abyss of the Universe. I learned that even our words spoken about anyone or anything in particular sends out little manifestos of  either bad or positive vibrations. In order to lead a good life, where I have everything that I want, and fulfill my life’s purpose, I decided that I had to become the best version of me that there is. The better version of me, thinks before she reacts. Is always impeccably dressed, and has her long blond hair down and straightened, and just a little bit of mascara and eyeliner, and I am radiating loving vibrations where I only wish the best for the people around me. Even strangers. When we talk badly about someone, or think or feel or even wish bad things upon someone, we are unintentionally wishing these things upon ourselves. Allow karma to deliver it’s justice, because believe me, sooner or later everyone gets what is coming for them.

When you are manifesting, it is best to not think of the how’s it going to happen, that is the Universe/God’s job. You can always ask the assistance of either God, the Angels, or the Loving Universe to guide to your ultimate happiness and bring about an abundance of prosperity, love, health, and wealth. I personally write letters to God,the Angels and Heaven. They in turn make their presence known to me, and gives me an idea when something special is approaching. I love the Angels, I always had a close bond with God himself for some reason. It is not that I do not love Jesus, it is just that Father God and I have always shared a loving, close bond. God wants all of his children to be happy, and have everything they desire. If you want something, then you are meant to have it. The only rule is, you do not ever, ever, ever, interfere with someone else’s freewill, or you will get bad karmic resolution.

The best books that helped me understand the Law of Attraction was the Teachings of Abraham, By Ester and Jerry Hicks. They also wrote, “Ask and it is given’, and “The Law of Attraction. Then, ” Rhonda Byrnes”, books called the “Secret, the Power, The Magic,and Daily Teachings of the Law of attraction,” which were all wonderful books as well. Brynes is a joyful person and you get that awareness when you read her words she writes in all of her books, The Hicks couple explained the process, broke it down, piece by piece as easily as I could fathom, and I highly recommend all of these books. 

So whatever it is that you desperately need, or desire in your life, sometimes it is best to just ask the Angels and they will help you, with surprising fast results. They are constantly watching over us, and us Earth Angels, or Light workers, are very senitive to their presence among us humans. God/Loving Universe Bless you all!
















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