Love, Gratitude & Energy

As I continue along my path of being a spiritual student of the mysteries of the Universe, the more wisdom I gain, and the more clarity I perceive. As a person with all the clairs, (Clairvoyant, Claircogniziant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, and Mediumship,) I find that because of these abilities or what I should consider “gifts’, from God, I am more susceptible to being drained and feeling, and hearing, and sensing way too many things. And I have to literally shield myself every day with the Energy, The Essence of God himself, and the Holy Spirit. Now this was in my family, my Aunt as matter of fact saw angels, and other people’s energy colors, their “Auras” which she turned off because she is a nurse and a natural healer, so she is still doing her part as a light worker. But since I cannot work, due to some mental health issues that comes with the gifts, I must continue to aide anyone and everyone I receive messages or information about their personal lives, and departed loved ones. So my message to my readers is simply whatever you think, feel, or speak about another person influences their environment and energy. Negative thoughts can stick to a person, if they do not cut chords, and shield themselves. As a very sensitive person, it was so hard going to school, luckily God or the Angels helped me tune out what other boys were thinking, and so forth. The Law of Attraction is always at work. The Universe is continuously sending out everything you give out, whether you are paying attention or not. So please keep in mind, that your thoughts, words spoken or written, and emotions, propel and manipulate the environment and circumstances. So if you wish bad upon a person, and it happens, that comes back to you threefold. Or if you wish happiness and love for a person, you receive back the same energy that you send out. 

Love and gratitude are essential in manifesting our intentions. If you come from a place of love, where you love yourself, your home, your family, friends, and work, and surroundings, you will manifest and attract an abundance of more love and happiness. In order to align yourself with your desires, you must be on the frequency of believing that whatever you asked for is certainly without a doubt, coming to you. The more you think of something and hold that image in your head, and see yourself moving, and touching things, talking and hugging or kissing someone, and fill those images up with feelings of love and gratitude, it most definitely will come to you. Some people just need to have faith, and eventually you will find that for whatsoever you ask, you shall and will most certainly receive. And by thinking of you already receiving, you allow yourself to be filled up with deep and profound feelings of gratitude and love for your heart’s dearest desires, and you create your own reality.

So before I say so long, I would like to leave you with this message. Know that we are all special. I am only the messenger. Just because I have abilities doesn’t make me special. I am just me, a single woman, soon to be in a relationship of my dreams. I love my family, and I love you all. We all come here with great Life purposes and eventually we will discover what each of our purpose is. In that, we are all unique and special, and very important to God. I am so grateful for the few followers that I have! I am honored to write, and for you to follow my blog. Know that there is no such thing as death. There is only a transition to our Eternal Souls. And by utilizing our conscience we can become the best version of ourselves, and take the higher path, so to speak. Be the best version of you, and I will ensure I will be the best me I can possibly be. Send thoughts and wishes of love, prosperity, happiness, and all good things to everyone you encounter or think about today. Today is a good day to be alive. Thank you!























3 thoughts on “Love, Gratitude & Energy

    1. I get anxiety a lot too. Just remember the Universe is made of Love, and our natural state is one of “Well Being.” So we are meant to feel good. Thank you for the feedback! Love and light to you as well💕.

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