With a Gracious Heart: Thank You

I am so grateful for all my readers, and followers, and love to hear your thoughts on my posts and little monologues. I aspire to become a writer of novels that will share my personal insights on the secret mysteries of life, and how to get whatever you want. God, the Angels, Heaven, and The Universe respond to every single request we send out. Whether it is spoken, written, or thought and felt, they always are there willing to help. I started writing letters to Heaven when I was just a little 6 year old girl, who saw her angels, and I would often sing and dance, and put on performance for everyone, especially God. I felt that God would appreciate me using my various talents, and singing praise to him out in the backyard on my swing-set, my loving, and devoted parents put together for me. I would have visions, and see Angels, and images in the sky, and I was filled with wonder and joy and vitality, and thirst of knowledge for life, and it’s experiences. At age 6 or maybe it was 5, I started writing in my journals, and I have never stopped. For those of you that have many thoughts, or just have restless energy that you need to get out I highly recommend writing your thoughts in private tablet, or journal, and letting go all your inhibitions and revealing your secrets. That was the hardest part for me. As a Scorpio female, I have always kept secrets, (even from myself), it is a Scorpio thing, but we are very intense and mysterious. My secrets are not necessarily what anyone would call bad, but I must admit I find a certain pleasure in having a mysterious enigma about myself. I am indeed a mysterious person. I love to life fully, and to have many adventures, and I did, all throughout the years from lets see I would say 12 to all the way to my 30th birthday! I had many good times, and some bad, but that is life I suppose. You take the bad with the good. I have memories that I cherish in my heart, and bonds with special friends from all over the corners of the world, and each and everyone of them are special to me, and know a secret about me. So I would say, I am a lady with secrets, but happy, memories surface and nostalgia makes me yearn for the days I lived with abandon, and had not a care in the world. It was like one big party, adventure, and then all of a sudden it was over. Now I go to bed early, and arise early in the morning, and I assist with the care of my beloved nephews, and I love my sister-in-law, who is a wonderful mother, and person. My Mother, also helps, along with her sister, my Godmother, Aunt J.  Today happens to be my oldest nephew’s 9th birthday, and he ended up staying home because he wasn’t feeling so good. 

As I became a more improved, wise and more mature person, I look back at the old me with love, and cherish the moments I had. The splendor in the grass, as they say. We grow up, and we move along, and every experience shapes and molds our personalities and creates our preferences. We learn what we like and do not like. As the Law of Attraction says, there is always a positive aspect even when something seems negative. The reason for this is that when we are experiencing something we dislike, we are becoming aware of what it is that we do want and like. So then we must give attention to what is important to us. I learned that my family and close circle of friends, nephews, and my adorable fur-babies, but above all God/Loving Universe and the Angels are the most important aspects of my life. So my wish for everyone is to enjoy living their lives, and being grateful for even the small things, such as somebody letting you go when your making a turn onto a different road while driving your vehicle, to a phone call or a card being sent in the mail because someone took the time of the day to think about you. Most of all I learned, that I must be accountable for my actions, and that I was not the center of the Universe, but just me, a small piece to the puzzle. 








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