Messages from The Other Side

The Angels would like for you to know that if you feel lost you can call on them anytime, even if you do not know their names. Archangel Nathaniel is a wonderful angel to call upon to remove surmounting obstacles, and he clears your energy. Then there is Ariel who works with you earthworms, in the garden, her angels are bloom in the flowers. Then there is the Powerful Angel of Might, Sandolphin. He gives you courage and energy. Gabriel is considered God’s messenger, and relays important messages to people from God. He is what I lovingly call, “God’s Mailmen”. Then There is Metatron, who is the Angel of thoughts, and he clears your mind, and helps with intelligence. Then There is another angel I often see, the Angel of miracles, “Hamied, or Haniel”, there is a debate about his name. He is said to be of God’s essence, and very pure souls see him, he is a big white with bluish tinge around his massive pure sparkling white wings. Mary, the Mother of Jesus is Queen of the Angels, and she answers anyone’s call for help. There are so many more angels that work on God’s behalf, and we light-workers utilize them as a guiding light to direct us in our Life’s purpose.

God is showing us the signs that we are all here for a reason. Each life is special, no more no less, each of us our equally important. I ask God to guide me along my pathway each and every day. And the Angels cleanse my aura and create a shield of God’s energy that blocks any negative, or low energies. You could ask the Angel, Raphael of healing, to use his emerald green light and heal your mind, body, and soul, and connect you with your higher self. This is always a good way to start off on a day. So with help from the angels I send you all love and light. 








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