Belief In Yourself

I do not claim to know it all, but what I do know is beneficial when it comes to understanding the meaning of life, and practicing the methods of the Law of Attraction’s manifesting your intentions into your present day reality. Out of nowhere I had a thought, if things could be really really bad, which they aren’t ever, we humans just worry and make them out to be worse then they really are. If they could be very bad why can’t it be very good instead? It sure feels a hell of a lot better when you think of it. Like instead of kicking yourself, and being hard on your ass when you eat a doughnut while you were doing so good on that diet till that temptation got the best of you, why not say so what! Here’s a little secret, I know it sounds crazy but everything forms through thoughts and feelings itself. So we combine what we know about the Law of Attraction. First off, gratitude or appreciation fueled with love are powerful tools in manifesting your greatest desires. You must have faith and be  in yourself and say, “Yes I absolutely can have a flawless body with a limitless bank account, and money and losing weight comes easily to me. Go forth and believe in the law. If it feels good, or if something flashes in your mind that is the Universe guiding you to what you are trying to manifest. Instead of worrying your life away, know that the Law of Attraction is the real deal. Jesus even understood the Laws of the Universe. He said, “Treat others as you would treat yourself.” Or”do unto others as thou will have thou do unto you”.” “Love one another.” And he showed and practiced gratitude,and said those who hold faith shall be rewarded. So my friends, listen up. You are completely worthy of the dream life that you allowed yourself to envision once upon a time when your were a child. Having confidence is key, and believe me it works. So instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of your particular situation, divulge yourself onto whatever it is that makes you happy and lifts your spirits. I promise you this is all part of the process. After all, if you do not even believe in yourself, who the f else would? The same saying goes with love. Once you come from a place of love and gratitude you will see abundance multiply in your life, and things will flow effortlessly to you, and you will be amazed. Even when you are not aware, you are always creating your own reality. Thoughts, words spoken or written, and feelings create the world. If one person can make a difference in the world, why can’t that person be you? If someone has to win the lottery, why not you? The possibilities are endless and I just have to say, please trust in me, I will never lie to you. I hate those swindlers that are always like I can help you but I will need $150 dollars or more to help your situation. Those people prey on the vulnerable and take advantage of the hopeless and believe me, karmic retribution is real, so they will have their day, when they too are taught a lesson. 

I struggled for years with an eating disorder, anxiety, mental health issues, and finally I had enough, and I said I am taking control of the situation. We all possess the abilities to do, be, have, and see anything and everything we have ever wanted regardless of the situation. The Universe is actually made of loving positive energy, and you can see it through the beauty in nature, the sound of rain hitting the pavement, the stars, and the Moon lighting up the sky. Have faith, and go for your dreams. You will be surprised the way The Universe works by opening doors once you put all your faith and energy into your dreams. 

Also, I would like to add what you give out you get back in return, so try to remain true to your higher self and be as good as you were meant to be. Every thought and action produces a reaction, and that is physics. So when you see a stranger, or evening people around you on the roads while you are driving your vehicle depending on whatever you believe in either God or the Loving Universe, ask them to bless all those people around them, and perhaps someone will bless you too. I even stopped talking negatively about certain people that did some bad things. For example the recent shootings in the school and those poor children, and the families of all the victims, and people that escaped luckily with their lives, everyone including the shooter I prayed for. One person can make a world of a difference, and kindness and unconditional love is the most important thing. Now I am in no way saying that the person responsible for the shootings deserves special treatment, not at all, but try to pray for everyone affected by these horrific crimes. My heart goes out to everyone involved in this tragedy, and I wish and wonder what is the meaning of all of this, and why do these things happen? I just say a prayer for everyone, Heaven knows I need it, and so do you. `










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