The Law of Love

What catches a moth to a flame? What attracts one to the other? The most powerful force in this world is undeniably love. Pure, unconditional love is the very essence of life, and the reason behind our existence. For without love non of us would undeniably  exist. Without Love from God we wouldn’t have been created, and given the opportunity to come to planet Earth and utilize the power of free will and be Co-Creators because the Law of Attraction is always working even when we do not realize it as we go through the motions everything we do is for love in itself, and what can be more beautiful and motivating? Love is forever, and it is not breathlessness or infatuated passion, but those are combinations and side effects of love. This is what love is. Love is what is left over when you have seen everything, and stood by someone’s side and saw their flaws and misgivings and you looked upon them and still you loved them. Love is letting a stranger go ahead of you in line when you see that they are in a hurry, and have few items to purchase. When someone you care about calls you in the middle of the night, even when you have work in the morning, and they are stranded in a desolate area, in the middle of nowhere, and you feel the urge and you go and save them from the cold wet night. Love motivates us, drives us, consumes us, and makes the world go around. The Sun shines and warms the Earth, and the trees grow, and wild flowers blossom, and the beauty in nature is the evidence of the Creator’s unconditional love for us. Love is what motivates me to write, and to get showered and dressed and look my best every day of my life. I have so much love in my heart, and I sometimes secretly pray for people that I don’t even know because my wonderful, selfless Mother taught me to care about others, and to always pray for them because one day maybe a stranger will pray for me when I need it? Who knows? Love is undeniably the most beautiful expression of living beings compassion for one another, and more than that. When you come from a place of love you will attract more things, situations and people that you love into your life. You will be surprised as abundance multiplies and draws more things, and situations, and people you love into your life when you send out love, and give love to others and yourself. My heart is as vast as the Ocean, and as deep as the undiscovered sea emerges and I know that I am very lucky to have so much love in my life. My family, pets, friends, and strangers that show kindness, are what makes me grateful, and in that is love itself, the proverbial heart knows no limitations, but grows and grows, and expands and fills up to the brim, and brings everything we love in life. 


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