Catching Up

I must apologize for not writing in such a long time. Between snow storms, running around with my two nephews, and going back and forth from my mothers, and my own apartment, and trying to shower as much love as possible for everyone that I consider precious in my life, including my two chinchillas, Mimzy and Hoss, I have been feeling sort of defeated. I tried this new dating online thing, well meeting people online, answering the questions and what not, but then I have been so discouraged this past week that I just do not feel I am sending out the right signals to the Omnipresent Loving Universe on what I exactly want in a man and need. I need someone to take my breath away, sweep me off my feet, and be my best friend, and not be so pushy about the whole sex thing. I understand that all relationships have a physical side, but can we at the very least talk for a few weeks without you requesting me to send pictures of my cleavage or ass, and yes I am hot, I know so because I have a fucking mirror, and my scale says so just as well. But I am so much more than that. I am sweet, and I would do anything for someone I love, like catch a grenade for you, type of shit if you are turned on to what I am putting out there, then at least romance me and compliment me, but not in a way where I feel like I am being interviewed to be on the bachelor, like I have respect for myself, omg, did she just say that? Oh yeas bitches. I am a sweet blonde, (natural), blue eyed girl, and yes I bust my ass working out at the gym, and I can be classified as being a cool girl. Just like the one in Gone Girl, except, I am not fucking game for sexual advances prior to establishing an emotional bond, and knowing you longer than 45 minutes. And is it too much to ask for a guy who doesn’t live with his parents, and claim he is smart while he boasts he voted for Trump and found out he made ten thousand dollars more while he still made a whooping 32 k a annually and lives at home with mom and dad. I guess President Trump, in between his twittering fingernails, and resigning administration was generous to single you out and write you and your dad a check for 10 grand, in your retirement funds. If you could believe that bullshit, than congratulations you are just as retarded as those NRA enthusiasts that claim they are very pro the 2nd amendment when they forget to acknowledge they supported a candidate who wanted to persecute people based on their ethnicity and religious practices which by the way happens to go way against the Constitution. Sorry people, you cannot have it both ways. Please do tell me how Hillary is so horrible because of being a workaholic, and using a private server which she fully disclosed all classified emails, while your chosen candidate was accused of being a first class sexist, racist xenophobic, homophobic, immature, mocking a disabled reporter, con artist? I am every conservative man’s worst nightmare, I am an educated female that fact checks, and knows Faux News broadcasts stories that are down right arbitrary as ridiculous as SNL, which has more factual evidence, then the latter. Please someone please fucking shoot me, yes you gun swinging NRA idiots with your semi-automatics against a defenseless animal. I am so ashamed of our nation, and I had the audacity to love that we once stood for freedom. I also was paying attention to politics all my teens and twenties, and noticed Bush’s administration caused the trillion dollar deficit that you deplorable idiots, who vote against your own interests because Obama is OMFG Black! He actually was handed an economy that was in shambles. Back to basics, think positive, I am so sick of these conservative assholes that worship Regan. Oh by the way he made it impossible for me to go to school without going into considerable debt because he cut funds for SSI Widows, when my father dropped dead from a massive heart attack. Luckily I was smart enough to escape paying back my loans, just like Trump escaped showing you his taxes, and oh tell me about that wall being funded by Mexico again? Oh that’s right! Their words were “Fuck Off.”. Which I applaud. 











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