Combing it All: Sacred Truths

I have been soul searching. I have been reading every spiritual, self-discovery, Universal Sacred Truth, and teaching books for quite some time. I discovered that they all had something unique to offer. One taught me that the balance of karma and life is always flowing, and that every request, deed, word spoken, thought, or written are powerful tools to form, and shape our realities, and that we all are basically living in a dream state. I have suspected that life is but a dream for some time now. I know that the majority of us see reality in our own, special way. We are slaves to our thoughts and emotions. I learned to not merely observe what is going on in the present moment, but to visualize how I would like my life to be. Each and every human being is living in their own personal version of reality. My idea of an apple is not the exact same as yours. True it is a fruit. But how do you perceive a fruit or vegetable? You do not see things as precisely as I do, and that is okay. In fact that is the way God, and the Loving Universe intended it to be. I learned that our soul has much  Reverence for life. It is true that when we are living harmoniously and going with the flow of life, and not resisting, we are in a state of peace, and working with creation as it was intended for us to be. When you show love, compassion, gratitude, and Reverence for all living, breathing creatures, and plants, and trees, and Mother Nature, you are cooperating with the Universe. By sharing with your neighbors, and caring for all of life, showing respect and honoring one another we become the best version of our selves. The Toltec Teachings of the Four Agreements discusses that in order to be happy we must follow a way of life, and one of these ways, is to be impeccable with your word. When you are impeccable with your words you are being morally responsible. Speak the truth, and wish happiness, peace, love, joy, and all good things for everyone instead of gossiping, which is the opposite and spreads poison. It all goes back to the Law of Attraction. You get whatsoever you give out. If you believe that most humans are evil, you will always draw forth negative people, and then bad consequences. This means we must have faith in humanity. The majority of the world is full of all different types of people. Happy people, sad people, angry people, and vulnerable people. Why not chose to be powerful? Take responsibility for your actions and always follow your instincts. Your instinct is basically your higher self, which we refer to as the soul inside our bodies, telling us whether something is right or wrong, or good and bad. Your instinct is right 100 % of the time. That is why we should never second guess ourselves. We tell ourselves, “Oh that is just my imagination, ” but when the events work their course through time, we begin to see that our initial instincts were right all along. I believe in spreading love and appreciation for all things. If you see a stranger on the street who looks as if they are going through a difficult time, say a silent prayer for them and wish the best for them. Usually miserable people are those that do not have faith in themselves. You must watch your beliefs. Whatever you believe and add emotions to those beliefs, you are creating your own virtual reality. Most of us imagine the worst case scenario. Why is it that we humans have so much trouble believing in the good, and always fall victim to negative circumstances? If things could be so very bad, then why can’t they be so very good? I believe that Earth School, or the University of Life is based on whether we have faith in ourselves or not. It is true that each of us is working on our own spiritual growth and soon we return to our home on the Other-side, where some people refer to as Heaven. What we do not learn in this life, some of us chose to reincarnate to come back to learn the next spiritual lesson in order to grow. Some souls choose to be Spiritual Guides, and Teachers for souls that incarnate upon Earth School to learn spiritual lessons. There are many ways to grow and evolve. We are constantly growing, and co-creating with the Loving, Divine Father God who is infinite (everywhere), and present in all things, and is the light. God’s light is so powerful that it showers and heals us with unconditional love and blessings. God loves us all. Even those who do not believe in him. He allotted us free will, and then gave us the gift of becoming co-creators of our own reality. There is no such thing as evil. There is only a lack of love and light. Evil was manifested by the human mind, which can only be given power if you have faith in that. I choose to have faith in God, and what is good. That is the real spiritual truth. The Universal flow of life is beautiful, unconditional love, and once you tap into that you will receive an abundance of all things, people, and situations that bring love and joy into your life. The soul is eternal and remembers it’s natural state, and all the incarnations upon this planet. We only have to ask for guidance and help, and we shall receive it from God, our guides, Teachers, and Guardian Angels. Help will always be given to those that ask, and believe. Life is beautiful, and so are you. Look how wonderful you are. Do not berate yourselves and put yourselves down. You have so much love in your heart. You are so kind, and so good, and most of all you do your best everyday. The human condition is not loneliness but love, and compassion for all of life. You are beautiful in every way, shape and form. Before you became an individual soul, you were a part of the Creator. You were a part of God. God lives inside each and everyone of us. To have a good life is to believe in yourself. Do what feels right, and what feels good, and brings joy into your heart and your loved ones lives. Then karma will take care of yourself. You create your own reality with every thought, word, and action and belief. The strongest you feel about something, the strongest it becomes. I choose to feel strong about being a loving, compassionate woman, who tries her best at every thing she undertakes. Happy Easter, or Happy Holidays. May the loving Universe be with you!
















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