Our Earth School

God has a plan. It may seem crazy and cliche to say such a thing, but we came to Earth, the most difficult planet in the Universe to learn and grow spiritually and our souls chose our lives, and whatever we wanted to work on. For example I struggle with accepting my psychic capabilities, as seeing them as “gifts”, whereas sometimes I consider them a curse, and a burden and I just want to be normal. I know it sounds crazy, but our lives upon Earth School is but a brief nap, compared to the eternity of our true Higher selves that live in Paradise with God, the Angels, and all our loved ones. There are so many things to do over on the “Other Side,” we never are tired or bored out of our minds. No there are many things that mirror Earth, except there is no survival of the fittest, and only peace and harmony, and of course unconditional love. There are various levels on the Other-side. I recently was informed by the Angels from the 7th level, that there are seven levels in Heaven. I did some research and discovered that the 7th level is the highest, holiest, closet level to the Thrown of God himself, and only the purest of souls dwell there. God doesn’t stand there and judge you by whatever level you are on. For we are all were created to be unique, and different, and we all have various opinions, and beliefs, and things we enjoy, and the point is, God, loves you just the way you are. You come to Earth School by pure choice, and that is to learn and grow spiritually stronger, and in each reincarnation you chose whatever Life purpose you desire to work on. I know now that this is my last incarnation upon Earth School, and I can say, that I am sincerely grateful for that. Life is so hard, but it could also be rewarding, and wonderful, and bittersweet moments touch our lives, and we are never the same. As a light worker, (I still do not know what my Higher self is), I just know that I have always been very close to God, and loved him and the Angels. I am a humble, meek messenger, and I do not consider myself anymore special then anyone else here on this planet. Heaven is our true home, and when you die, or transfigure from this physical world/dimension and your Eternal Soul travels into the light, you are reminded of all the things you had forgotten, by choice when you were but only a human being. You are reunited with your loved ones, and God, and it is a joyful occasion, and one that I look forward to. However, I still cherish my life, and I cherish my God, who is your God too, whether you believe in him or not. The Loving Universe, just asks you to show love to every living thing here on Earth. Believe in yourself, and the truth shall set you free. 





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