Wisteria Lane: The Path Less Taken

I am an introvert by nature, yet I am fortunate to have many friends, and family that love and support me. I have struggled, died, and was reborn. From the ashes of my physical body I will be reborn, and move on to the next world, where I come from, my true home, what some refer to as the “Other Side”, or for those of you who are a bit more traditional,”Heaven.” Heaven as it suggests is Paradise for us all to live eternally young and beautiful. But”paradise” means different things to everyone, and we get confused with our own self-consciousness, and subconscious minds, and our imaginary views on the afterlife are suggested based on our own ideas and fixations and beliefs. God and Jesus are fixations or figments of whatever the individual believes. I do believe in God and Jesus for those of you wondering, but I have known since I was but a young child that the Almighty Creator that we call God, Allah, Jesus, is more complex than the human mind can conceive. Just know that we all are on a quest to self-discovery, and that means spirituality as well. Finding and connecting to your true, eternal or (Higher-self) is a journey and the quest for that knowledge or wisdom can be uncovered through experiences. It does matter how we treat others, I do believe Jesus was hinting that ” Love thy neighbor as you would love yourself,” to the reality of karma, and the Law of Attraction. Think about it. In the beginning was the word, and the word was of God and all that was good. Thoughts, words, actions, feelings, all reflect our internal reasoning, and we become what we carry on inside of ourselves. It took me awhile to understand this. Free-will is a privilege and so is Deliberate Co-Creation by use of manifesting your intentions. Earth is a school, and in fact the most difficult one in the Universe, and all the dimensions, we train and work on whatsoever we choose to be our spiritual journey prior to coming here. Life can be simple and easy but only if you believe it to be so. If you are carrying resentment with you, it will surely manifest into reality eventually.If you choose love, peace, joy, and happiness, you will by default manifest and attract that which is all good encompassing in great abundance. It took me a long time to get where I was. I remembered own of Frost’s poems, “The Path Less Taken”, and it served me well. Although there are things in my life where I wish I could take a time traveling machine and go back to when I made the wrong decision I would do so. But what if my erroneous decisions made me who I am today? I am strong, and full of hope for the future.

For years I struggled with mental-illnesses and addiction. I would cry myself to sleep every night, and even once in awhile blame God for my unhappiness. Until I hit rock bottom and got the help, the help I so desperately needed, I would learn my life’s most difficult lessons. The Lord does work in mysterious ways, and I am one to say I have experienced this first hand. With the amazing support of my immediate family, and true friends, I stayed sober, and started taking my mental health recovery more serious. I do not always have good days, but they are in no way a comparison to those that were when I was on drugs and not properly medicated. Mental illness and self-medicating is so common its pathetic and there are so many of you out there going through what I lived through. It is not a life, it’s a false, dreary existence where you are desperately seeking happiness, and the drugs will only make it worse. I know better than anyone. I have never told my story about my battle with mental illness and drug addiction prior to this. At the very least, I never shared my story, but I kept a journal all of my life, actually since age 6 or 5, ever since I knew how to read and write, which was very early. Not to brag, but one of the reasons I never got the help I needed was because I went to a Private Catholic School, where the teachers told my mother I was “Too Smart to have anything wrong with me.” That obviously isn’t the reality of the situation. I mean Einstein and genuine geniuses like Poe, and Sylvia Plath all struggled with mental illness, yet they produced profound work, and they left a legacy. I do not intend to leave a legacy I am a normal person, with extra-ordinary abilities. My faith in God never wavered despite my acute addictions. Once I embraced sobriety and my “abilities,” which up until I was 29 considered my gifts as burdens or curses, I learned why I had such a keen sense of clairvoyance, and that is when God and his angels came through.

Growing up, as a child I always knew I had a purpose, and that I existed prior to being born on this planet. I would swing on our swing-set in our backyard, and oh how I loved God, and knew I had a destiny, and I was overjoyed at the prospect of fulfilling my life’s purpose for God. You see I would often astral travel and visit the different realms of my home, “The Other side.” At age 12, I discovered that God had angels around me, and they communicated gently by sending vibrations of God’s pure love, and I knew things without having anyway of knowing them. When I turned to a life that was full of sin, and debauchery I stopped having visions of God, the Angels and Heaven. Five to six years later, I am now still sober, and I can say with confidence I am a frequent astral-traveler that visits and receives messages from God, and the Angels. I know it is authentic because of their gentle souls, and immense overflow of beautiful, unconditional love. So I found my way onto the right path. I hope anyone who is struggling right now with addiction, mental illness, or depression, finds their way back to their true authentic self.

Many Blessings, Love,



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