Look What You’ve Done

In light of the opiate epidemic, which by the way didn’t just start recently, no opiates go way back. Try 2005 to 2007. These pharmaceutical companies knew what they were doing when they created Opanas or Oxycotin, Vicoden, Percocet, etc…. heroin.Yes, they were aware of the addicting properties inside opiates or opiods, and didn’t give a flying fuck, they only cared about their need for money, and their greed created and destroyed lives at the same time. Have you any idea how horrific it is to experience dope sickness? Withdrawals are to sustain life, and people are chasing the high, and I mean they are going at it hardcore. My relative works at a local hospital and every night the Emergency Room is on lock-down due to all the overdoses coming in off the streets. People are dropping dead like flies, and stealing from their own children, mothers, and family and friends, and I know some of you don’t want to hear this, but this is affecting everyone. Now word out on the street you cannot obtain heroin anymore aka (dope) no that shit is long gone, the chasers, are shooting fentanyl laced with an elephant tranquilizer drug named, “Carfentanil”, which combined is a lethal combination and Narcan cannot adverse the effects. People are dropping dead like flies, and yet the media finally, after 15 years of everyone and their brother, is doing, it, is calling this epidemic a horrific nightmare. It isn’t your average junkie anymore. Like these people are house wives, and mothers, and daughters and sisters, and brothers, and pharmacists, and even physicians… every walk of like. Question is, why do you hate your life so much that you need to get that fucked up, and look you are throwing your life down the fucking gutter? I am so tired of the excuse of I have PTSD or, anxiety, or depression, or a sciatic nerve injury turned my life around to a full blown junkie, nodding out and mixing their recreational drug usage with benzodiazepines and now we are just going to sit back and watch you make a fucking fool of yourself? That was a rhetorical question BTW. Grow the fuck up! Life is hard, but if you really want to be happy you will get the help you need in order to have a good life. I am in recovery, and I am five years clean, I do not claim to be a know it all, but I was as bad as anyone can be, and if I didn’t have the family, and the friends that fought and cried with me, and when I couldn’t stop crying myself to sleep at night, and blaming God, until I finally told my Mother the truth and I couldn’t live that way anymore.That life nearly swept me away, and my train derailed, and by Divine Providence I was saved. The life of a junkie is not a glamorous or fun ride, no the truth is it’s fucking sad and pathetic, and its evil! The drugs steal your soul, and believe me as a clairvoyant, with many psychic abilities It is the Devil’s poison and it wants to claim every single one of you. Until you remove yourself from the situation, and work hard, one day at a time, you will begin to realize that you are not that person you once were. Who would rob their own mother, or steal her sister’s bracelet, and clear out your own homestead’s Television and all your family’s material possessions and valuables, clothes, and God only knows what? Do you really like wrapping a belt around your arm and the sensation of the needle piercing your veins poisoning you turning you into a vicious drug monster as it explodes in an instantaneous eruption of euphoria and temporary numbness as the monster consumes your soul and drags it down into the gutter.Being high so high, and then when you get itchy and the adrenaline rush is oh so good, but eventually you come down, way down. Your sick. Nauseated, cold, in terrible pain, and your body is drenched in sweat but you are so cold and you cannot stop your teeth from chattering together because you have the chills. Then the diarrhea and vomiting comes next. Until, you call your man and go for a ride, and tip him off, and the vicious drug bag cycle goes on and on. But you are fine, you got it under control, some people like to drink, others prefer drugs, right? You look in the mirror and you do not recognize the strung out, zombie staring back at you in your reflection. You lost yourself. That beautiful girl with the big eyes, and the long beautiful hair, and full luscious lips who loved people, and had a zillion friends, and went to concerts and only smoked weed and only took a Vicoden here and there, but no she’s gone. There isn’t a beautiful girl, instead there’s a monster inside consumed with the drugs, and all that it entails, and there are two groups of people in her life. The people that don’t do drugs, and the drug friends you suddenly found yourself acquainted with. But what you do not realize is they are not your fucking friends, you are associated by mere common coincidence that they are like you, and now you only hang with the people that do what you do. Suddenly you isolate yourself from the world of the living, breathing people in the daytime. You yourself become a creature of the night, because you are dark, and continuously high and fucking nodding out. You fight with everyone in your family, and continue to have emotional meltdowns and you blame it all on your past, but lets face it, you’ve been fucking up for awhile now, and you yourself are scared.You are terrified, but you don’t understand that because the minute the evil poison starts to leave your system, you begin to feed the demon inside of you again. You lie to cover yourself, because even if you are not aware, I will tell you, you are fucking ashamed of yourself.The drugs stole your soul, my best friend, a mother, a daughter, a niece, a cousin, and rest in peace your death is such a shame.I went to your grave dug up your body, and now you lay. It’s not a suicide it’s a fucking crime, it is clearly evident to us all. Everyone knows your dirty little secret my friend, and nobody is happy, no, I speak for myself I am saddened, and so disappointed, and I could only try and try to make you understand, but why won’t you listen to me? I am here screaming your name! Wake the fuck up! You are not even functioning anymore. But it’s cool man, you only do it once in awhile, (which is every minute and every second of the day.) Are you afraid to face judgement day? Because it’s here, and things are not looking so good for you my dearest loved one. I am only a stupid friend that loves you. I lost a bunch of friends to drugs, but this time it’s different. This time my heart is broken, and only you could fix it. But you will lie to my face, and promise the moon and the stars, and I just cannot bare it anymore.It is such a sad thing to witness such a beautiful person turn into a druggie.It is after all your funeral.


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