Combining What I know

As a child I would often be perplexed about my psychic abilities. The Angels came to me one day when I was 12 years old, and did sort of a cleansing and lifting of my spirits to God, so powerful for a month I felt lighter than air, and so much love and healing. I learned later on, not until adulthood that I have healing abilities, but all my abilities, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircogniziance, mediumship, come directly from the Divine light where there is ancient wisdom, and once you are enveloped by this light every question you have ever had, is automatically answered. Kind of like downloading a database into a computer, except it is your eternal consciousness, that sets you free. The angels want you to know that they and God are always with you, regardless of where or what you are doing. Earth is a University, an Ivy league one I might add, only the strongest of light-bearers may come here, because we lost all our memory of why and who we are, and where we come from. Not everybody is the same, some come from other worlds, dimensions, and levels of spirituality, and the eternal soul gains wisdom with each reincarnation, and we go through every walk of life in order to learn. Some light-workers choose to learn and serve as guides or teachers, and others chose to incarnate into a specific life, with a specific life purpose that we ourselves chose to work on as we are here on Earth School. The Angels of God, are always waiting for you to ask them for their assistance. Because of free-will they cannot intervene even if you are suffering, you must give God, or the Divine Omnipresent Creator-Loving Universe, and the Angels of Love to interfere and they will surprise you at the speediness of their intercession. Most people have two Guardian Angels, I have many that serve as my guides, they introduced themselves as the Thrones, and Angels of the seventh level. They told me that I am working on attaining spiritual growth to the ninth level, and not everyone knows of this dimension. The ninth is where the purest of the pure dwell with God’s unconditional love. In fact no human can travel there, as we do astral travel in our dreams, when you dream of flying, that is often your soul going on an excursion for the sake of gaining some freedom from the drudged up physical body we are stuck in the human form. In fact I would be the first to admit that I would be a naysayer, or a skeptic, if I hadn’t dreamed of my home, (Heaven, the Otherside), all of my life. I am incarnated because I was sent here to deliver a clear message and help as many people as possible. Heaven or as I call it home has been my favorite place to astral travel since I was but a young child. The Angels lift my spirits and tell me things, and I instantly know of them being true without having any logical way of knowing, but I have learned to trust my psychic abilities because they serve me and others I do readings for as well. As a child I would often dream of world catastrophes, and I would wake up in a cold sweat and just be frightened, and confused. Prior to 9/11 happening, I was having nightmares of a devil standing in between two large buildings, where various business men and women dressed to perfection carrying briefcases, and purses, walking into the buildings, and I was there screaming to them saying, “Don’t go in there! Can’t you see the devil standing right there!” I had this dream for three weeks, until the horrendous happenings of 9/11/2001 happened, and I felt guilty and helpless, and that is when I asked God to only show me what I could prevent, and thankfully he answered my prayers. Now I often dream of a long and steep white stairs leading to a marble structure building with no doors, because energy is all good and welcomed, and “There is no need for doors,” I was told by one of the ascended masters. The angels want me to tell you, no matter what, do not be afraid. There really is no such thing as evil. No the human ego created evil, and it is only real unless you give faith to it. I choose to give faith to God, the Angels, Christ and the Loving Light of the Universe. For God did create us in his image, but he besides giving us free-will gave us the super-powers of being “Co-Creators” of our own realities. Whatever you believe, you receive. Your body, home, circumstance, present-tense, husband, single, children, and what you do for a living, and lack or luck of prosperity is all based off your beliefs, and in order to gain access to what you desire is to allow yourself to daydream of the ideal lifestyle you can have, because we are not meant to suffer every day, and be miserable and hate our job, living paycheck to paycheck. Every word, and whatever you hold onto inside of you it ricochets off of you into a ripple effect and you operate as a vibrational being of manifesting, and deliberate creation is what you should be concentrating on. Every thought, word, feeling, expression is constantly consistently creating your personal conditions and this is where it gets tricky. In order to manifest you must focus not on what you are experiencing but what you would love to experience, and live, and have, and be. There is nothing to big, or hard to manifest, only your mind and false beliefs hold you back. Go forth, and visualize what kind of life do you want. What kind of image do you want to convey and show to others? How do you want to live? Do you want unlimited resources of surprising easy money flowing abundantly into your life? Then wake up each day, visualize on not what you do not want, but what you do want, and that is deliberate creation. You could, do, have, be, see, feel, and experience, anything, anyone, and everything you so desire to possess.


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