Manifesting: The Ah Ha Moment

After much consideration, and time devoted to hours upon hours of applying myself to studying the Art of Deliberate Creation, hence “The Law of Attraction,” I experienced an epiphany where I realized everything I was holding onto inside, past resentments, old memories, and expectations, I wasn’t applying myself to my highest good where I should be manifesting, “Deliberately Creating” The Life of my dreams. Now I eat, think, speak as if my intentions are already here. After all there is no such thing as time in the other dimensions, the angels say it is only real to us humans, and we are living in the a 3 dimension reality, where things are all composed of molecules, and each particle is made up of matter, and if we extended our entire conscious awareness we would hear, see. and feel other worldly spiritual beings, which I have always been able to do. For years I considered my so called gifts a pain in the ass curse. I was so sick of dealing with shit on my own time, let alone helping people didn’t exactly appeal to me at the age of 10, 11, then 12 came and I started doing readings with Tarot Cards. After a spiritual encounter where I was introduced to the Thrones, (a high division of Angels) they said I would become a vessel for God’s love and healing light for others, and that I was selected and sent here on purpose. Now I do not like to brag, I am modest in nature, and deeply humbled. I am merely the messenger, and that’s it. I am not special,a little eccentric yes, but holy? No way! But the Angels taught me that they can help me with everything I have been struggling with. Any worries give it to God, and focus on the positive things you have done. It is so hard to memorize all the good things about ourselves, when we , or me for instance am so used to beating myself up. But sit down, or mentally list your positive attributes, and deeds and acts of kindness and you will be amazed at what you uncover. You will most likely discover a human with compassion, who gave it his or her best, and don’t worry if you fail, get up, dust yourself off and simply try again. When it comes to Deliberate Creation, we must visualize and feel inside with our emotions, that we are receiving and already behold whatsoever we desire, and it gets easier every day with practice. By the way a good meditation listening to mantras or healing Reki music of peaceful harmonies is good to meditate and practice manifesting to by closing your eyes and concentrating on visualizing yourself moving in and out of that dream home, getting into and wrapping your fingers around the steering wheel of your ideal vehicle, and having the bank account of your dreams. If you aspire to lose weight, do not focus on losing weight, but on becoming the beautiful thin version of you, and cut out pictures or download them of the ideal bodies you so desire to have of your own. The Universe is generous and there is plenty enough to go around. In fact we participated in creating most inventions and different things on the “Other-Side” when we our higher, eternal selves, and we come here to learn, but to grow and co-create. God wants you to have a happy wonderful life full of joy! Try to focus on the things you stand for. If you despise war, be pro peace. If you despise animal abuse, perhaps start a charity or volunteer at local shelter to help animals find forever homes. The Laws of Attraction state like attracts like, and we are the magnets drawing forth that which we concentrate on. The Angels and your guides can help you accomplish your goals, but you must ask them for their help. Also I find writing the perfect story of my ideal life to be very helpful when manifesting. Or many people say vision boards work wonders. A Vision Board is a poster that you cut out pictures that resemble things you aspire to have in your life. It could be anything, and you will be amazed at the results. Now I am off to work with my Angels because I have readings to do. But I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe happy weekend!


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