The Crises of Our Nation

We are all unique, and a play an important role in society, here on Planet Earth. Mother Earth is indeed a living organism, the Planet is Alive, and so many take it’s beauty and splendor for granted and pollute the environment with toxic chemicals, substances, and what was once known as the “disease”, is spreading like a wildfire in the forests. The Disease is the sinful ways of darkness, indeed it is hate, lust for power, greed, hateful ways, and so many are being lead like a moth to a flame, and listening to evil men and women who are lying, but nevertheless everyone forgets what is truly important. We all were created in the image of God. With that said, it comes with special privileges and by that we mean Free will and the fact that You all are Co-Creators of your own personal reality, down to the very last freckle on your cheek. God The Omnipresent Creator created, and showed to create is to spread love, and goodness. He gave us so many gifts, and we come here to Planet Mother Earth;Gaia, to grow individually and develop our own personalities, traits, specific likes and dislikes as we reincarnate in each life. There are other planets where intelligent life is sustained, but I can assure you Mother Earth is the elite University so to speak, and we are the either the nurturers or destructioners of the magnificent eco-system created by God, and his children. Now we are entering an age where more light-workers are being born. With the good coe the bad, and more dark souls are engaging in wars, lust for power, and The United States of America is becoming more and more divided, as the world sits back and watches the demise of our once great nation, is now becoming a place where prejudices, racism, persecution of ethnicity and religious values, and this is not what the Fore Fathers of America once stood for. No, the United States of America was to become a nation of greatness, the new age Atlantis, and everyone would be worthy of respect, and freedoms of speech, religious practices, and so forth. Most of you do not realize, we are heading into a dark recession of the minds, and we need better education reform. Our children need to learn that regardless of skin color, ethnicity, religious practices,disabled individuals physically and mentally, and everyone deserves respect, and the right to choose what they believe to be what is morally sound, and in accordance with their ethical, spiritual convictions. What are your convictions? Do you know which party either right, or left, or in-between stands for? Do you know that each of you argue that you made a mistake at this point in time, nobody is perfect. You could argue till your blue in the face.Both parties The entire establishment of our government is corrupted and infested with greedy men and women, and there is no innocent, faultless government official. The truth is, to lead a nation and to establish Democracy is very difficult because you cannot please everyone, but you can respect another’s choice to do what they believe in their proverbial heart, self-conscious mind, which is right and what is wrong. Those of you who argue about one party acting more immature then the other are basically kidding themselves, because there is nobody here that is entirely at fault, or without sin. Those who are aware of the amendments and the Laws of the Constitution written in the 1790’s states that anyone here can come here and escape persecution and practice whatever religious values they so desire, and have freedom of speech, and all the rights and respect that should be allotted to all human beings. But then you have people saying,”But I stand for the second amendment, but forget that the statue of Liberty and in accordance to the Laws of Democracy were written in the Constitution state, anyone can come here, and claim safety for those from asylum. Does the words on the statue of Liberty still ring true to you Pro second amendment gun slinging lovers, “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door! The Statue of Liberty” ? While there are children and mentally ill, and people that are highly suspected of terrorism should be allowed guns? I have anxiety, and Biopolar Disorder. I myself, should never be allowed a gun, and that is the honest to God truth. But back to the world, soon America (North America) to be exact, which is already becoming more and more divided, will only get uglier and uglier. I see brothers against brothers, and children in college not speaking to their traditional conservative parents, or grandparents.Does freedom come with a great need for responsibility and sensitivity along with humanity, and compassion for others? I believe so. I do not understand why so many people do not see it, but you all criticized H. Clinton for utilizing her private email to do her job, but a man that committed acts of treasonous ties to Russia, mocked a disabled reporter, and inspired and exposed all the uneducated, conflicted hypocritical racists, sexist, unjust, hate fueled people, and took children away from their parents is this wonderful leader who is supposedly going to ” Make America Great Again” Not great in my eyes, or those of you that believe social media is a viable resource for news outlets, and do not do their fact-checking resources, are usually the first to start an argument. I do not see this man making a country I was foolishly proud to be a part of “Great Again.” I see a barbaric, con-artist who will say and do anything to be a reality show,circus-freak, that inspires so much animosity in our once Great Nation. As a clairvoyant, I see many things, and I only see much more evil coming out and people have the nerve to be proud of all this evil. I do not understand how you can justify such actions, words, and the spreading of the disease to take over the nation I was born and raised in.


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