Sacred Words from The Angels:Me and My Gifts

All of my life, although I wasn’t aware I have been a powerful Clairvoyant, Clairaudient-Hears Spirits and Angels& Guides, Clairsentient-able to feel & pickup other people’s energy and emotions, and Claircogniziant-Innate sense of knowing things as a computer The Divine Creator downloads information into my consciousness, being aware of things without any logical explanation. I would often astral travel and visit God, the Angels, and The Hall of Wisdom with it’s beautiful Marble-like architecture with arches and no doors, and the Divine entrance into the Angelic Realm, which is where I come from. Now more and more light-workers are being born, and for a significant cause. There is a spreading of hatred, the disease, as the ancient Lemurians called it, and we must stop the darkness from spreading and infecting our schools, towns, churches, institutions, and media social and news outlets, and last but not least the corruption of those in control of the government, and world affairs. I have known all my life that I existed prior to being born, and that I had a special mission to embark upon for God, and oh, I was filled with joy with this prospect, to do such an honorable thing for God, and mankind. Earth is a school in which we come here to learn, co-create with our thoughts, feelings, words, and beliefs through the Law of Attraction, and evolve spiritually, and to learn, and develop our own individuality, uniqueness that sets us apart from everyone. When God created, the very first thing was, “let there be Light.” And there was light, and inside this Light was unconditional love, and wisdom, where all the questions you could ponder, and learn by invoking and entering this Light of Divine Goodness, and Wisdom of the Ages. Some of us, like me are connected to this Light. That doesn’t make me more special than you, or anything better, it is just who, and what I am. I am merely the humble messenger to be a vessel of Light and Love, and to deliver the wisdom of the words of God and his angels. Recently my psychic-mediumship, and healing abilities amplified and it was because I allowed God’s will to overcome my own, and now he sends me strangers every day seeking my council, and I pass on the insights, advice, and all the knowledge meant for that person in order to lead them to their true life purpose, heal, and make peace with their decisions, past, and departed loved ones. I thank and praise God for his blessings, and the powerful gifts he gave me,but It wasn’t always the case. As a child in middle school I resented my gifts, considered them a curse, and into highschool. I would know the thoughts of boys, and other people, and I shunned my gifts. Then one day the angels spoke to me, and that all changed once I was swept away, and overwhelmed with a beautiful, perfect, Divine love that brought tears of joy to my eyes. I was told that I was special, (again I do not believe I am) and I was chosen by God to be his vessel of love because no matter what I went through,I remained Pure of Heart and close to God. My faith in him/her never faded, and it never will. The angels are swarming the Planet, and can intervene and help anyone, as long as they have your express permission. Because of Free Will, they nor God can intervene unless you oblige them and permit them to intervene. To those of you that have that little voice that we call intuition, do not second guess yourself, that is your guides saying do this or do not do this. Trust that inner guidance, and you will find your true mission. The Angels are about to start dictating my words, as I have allowed them to use me and participate in automatic writing, in my journals, and tablets. Writing to me is like air to my lungs, I need to write, and it feeds the love and light inside of me. I deliver a message most of us are approaching an age of great division. There will be those of you that will chose foolishly, and then there will be those of us that will trust our soul’s quest, and follow our proverbial hearts. There will be a war, and many terrorism in Europe, especially the United Kingdom. Please be safe, as I will pray for all of you. I do not know why I was chosen, but here goes, we all are about to be tested. It is not what you do, but how you do it. There is so much more coming, connection with other intelligent life outside of our Solar System, and more Laws, more corruption, greed is one of the major Deadly, Mortal Sin that feeds the monster of hate, and there will be those who will take a stand, some will hide in the shadow and insist it is of no concern to them, but they are fools. This division, corruption will indeed affect every single aspect of our lives. Choose love, and open your arms to those who think, speak, and act differently then you. If you consider yourself a Christian, Jesus himself said, “Love your enemies.” He didn’t say get a gun, and shoot and insult all of the jerks out there, and trust me there are a lot of jerks among us….. FML. On a serious note, I will tell you, what you do, say, think, act, believe, speak, and stand for will matter a great deal to your children’s future, and your children’s children, and so on. God speed.


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