Spiritual Evolution Begins with a quiet Voice

As of recent events, I have been experiencing an amazing transformation,learning and growing spiritually, mentally, and physically. The Angel Gabiriel comes forth and speaks, and in my dreams my soul astral travels to other realms, where I receive unlimited access to all kinds of information from The Ashkasic Records, in the Hall of Wisdom, but I struggle remembering all the information being downloaded into my consciousness as a computer downloads a database. I must remind myself to ask God to permit me the ability to recall my dreams and all the information he provides me with. Everyday I put pen to paper and the angels of Loving wisdom use me as a channel, and write out tons of information that I always wondered, but never had the means to uncover the answers I sought. Now I am told, that creation did indeed begin with the Divine Creator, when God said, ” Let there be Light,” and the Light was good, he automatically knew that Divine creation is good, and brings forth wisdom, experiences, feelings, and the greatest force alive, Love, pure perfect Love. Inside the Light that I and other Psyhic Mediums, and Light-Workers are continuously connected to, there is infinte wisdom, and support from the Divine, Magnicifient Creator of all things.
God created mankind, and intelligent life throughout the limitless, boundless Universe, and that was good as he saw to it as well. Then 4 million years ago, Ancient Beings of Light and Love, migrated to the planet Earth because prior to this they lived in the Solar System of Pleides and peace was reached, but spiritual growth had declined to evolve. This is why the ancient civilization of intelligent life colonized upon Earth, which is an elite University, known as a “Fire Planet”, where the world is actually alive, and full of diverse life, and exceptional abilities for spiritual evolution, and growth. These Beings of Light came to an ancient, beautiful continent now lost, but was known as the Land of Lemuria. Lemurians were a combination Celestial Beings of Light, Angels, and mankind formed a co-existence, which was one of enlightenment, learning to utilize the powers of the Sacred Laws of The Universe, such as The Law of Attraction, using God’s, and their own love to manifest their dearest desires. Lemuria became Paradise, a Heaven upon the Planet Earth for over 200,000 years peaceful spiritual evolvement , and because God blessed mankind, and his angels, they were provided with all their greatest desires, as long as it did not interfere with someone else’s free-will, was granted unto them. The aftermath was the colonization of another species of intelligent life appeared on a continent of Atlantis. The Alantians were a species of philosophical people that purposed many questions, and conducted experiments continuously, always striving for the greatest, most profound, thought-provoking invention, and were obsessed with their egos, and some of these beings became Power Hungry, and enslaved humans and told them that they were (gods), and must be worshiped. Thus a war between good and evil was waged. The Lemurians no longer had their Heavenly world, and so some fled into the sea, and turned into a race and transformed into what we know today as dolphins, and other aquatic sea creatures. There is a word that underneath the depths of deepest reaches of the Oceans landscapes, there is an alien society abundantly living underfround in the sea, peacefully, staying away from mankind. Others of the Lemurians fled, and took what humans they could save to another solar system. The great war, where weapons unknown to us, which even today, far surpasses our technology, of great destruction were waged, and caused a cataclysm of ice, and blocking the Sun, for thousands of years.

Into present day, today, there is other intelligent life out in the Universe, that is ever-expanding, just as we are always creating, with our emotions, words, thoughts, feelings, etc… and prayers (especially those from the heart are forever answered by God). There are other worlds, realms, and dimensions. Earth is in the 3rd dimension, the physical plane. As the Universe knows no boundaries, we will always feel the need to desire, which makes co-creation good. God wants us to create, or we wouldn’t have the innate desire for such things as our dream home, 100 million dollars, or the love of our lives. Creation occurs first in the non-physical realm. Earth still is indeed a fire planet, where diverse living, breathing, species dwell and grow, and mankind is supposedly the most intelligent life upon this beautiful, grand world of variety, and so many possibilities. Prior to coming to Earth, in the 5th Dimension, where many humans come from, must go through a series of tests, and pass with flying colors, up to the standards of what I like to call The Council of Men. Others call them the “Council of Elders”, because they each have white or grey hair, to depict their wisdom. Prior to incarnating upon the elite University of Earth School we pick and choose our life purposes, and goals that we wish to perfect, and aspire to evolve to a certain spiritual level, of some kind. Some of you are preparing to be teachers on the Otherside, or Counselors for Orientation, Spiritual Masters, and helpers, and so many things. After you go through the classes, and your life chart is thus approved by the Council of Elders, you prepare for departure. Life upon Earth is but a brief interlude in the great scope of eternity that we are accustomed to on the Other side. Now we are entering an Age of Enlightenment. This is why so many “New Age” and physics/mediums are emerging, and this will be the time for the seeds of minds to blossom and change societies normal judgmental side, and thus minds will become open to other ways of loving acceptance.People always ask,”If God is perfect and Knows everything, and created us in his image, why do we need to incarnate and reincarnate in order to develop and grow upon a spiritual level?” This was a question I recently received an answer for, ” As you have always been, just as the good Lord has always existed, you were beings created, separated from him, in his own image, and must incarnate to explore all aspects of experiences in order to form your own identity where your preferences of likes, and dislikes are discovered, and in order to be more like God, who can transform and take any image he so desires, you are becoming your own unique selves, where you appear, and are more like God, as you have become more spiritually evolved.

Life is beautiful, crazy, insane, mundane, spontaneous, and so much more. But I would never have it any other way. Love to you all.


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