Jealousy? Hate Only Hurts The Hater

As of the last six months I was looking for support from others who like me share extraordinary gifts, and learn and grow by providing free readings to strangers every day, or several times a week. So me as a newbie to the secret underground Psychic/Medium/Empath, Tarot/Oracle cards, and pendulem readers. I unknowingly was pretty innocent and I admit I joined a new group. Over the course of several months I read 100s of people a month, and did pretty in depth readings. I joined a few groups, but little did I know that lets call the Creator of one of the main groups Kelly, was very much possessive of me. I admit I am good at what I do. I have all the clairs, which is clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, empath, psychic medium, and I see and hear Angels every day.I am a pure vessel for Heavens Angels, or at least that is what The Angels told me when I first heard them again five years ago. Anyways, Kelly had this chat room, and she pretty much micromanaged me and everyone associated with her “groups”. She rarely did readings. No her job was creating drama every day. Gossip, kidding around. Kelly had an obscene amount of time on her hands because she was so obsessed and would often try to lets say encourage me to only be in her group, and the other innocent associated groups, that she had her hands in as well. Soon then she began telling me who I could be friends with. I ignored the Angels. One morning I woke up and I heard the words, “jealousy” and the Angels showed me “Kelly’s” face. Oh and By the way this has nothing to do with my real friend Keli, this is just a name I am utilizing to be anonymous. I ignored all the signs, and breezed through the red flags that were all telling me to stop. Then Kelly would try to say that I was in bad groups, and I shouldn’t invite her readers to other groups. In the mean time I sincerely wasn’t involved or inviting anyone to other groups. No sorry Kelly, you were paranoid, or just a drama queen, and you gave vague readings and told people they had “beautiful souls”, and to give it to Light and Lovexxxxxx.” Like who in the hell wouldn’t say their not a “beautiful soul”. So I made sure to do everything possible to keep Kelly happy. I did zillions of readings a week for free, and that is okay because it fills me with love and joy to help others as a true and honest “Light Worker”, which I unfortunately discovered Kelly was not who or what she claimed to be. I noticed one day I was added to a new group recommended by Kelly’s group, and by then I was a Moderator and part of the Admin of the group. I was in the middle of doing free readings when this lady I have never spoken to before messaged me, and said ” You are kicked out of my group because you are messaging people and bullying them into paying you money.”Then she blocked me so I couldn’t stand up for myself, which is a cowards way out, or a liar’s. Not to toot my own horn, but in all the groups approved by Kelly, I had files full of loving, amazing kind,and feedback that said I was amazingly accurate, spot on, and very sweet compliments. Plus why the hell would I pressure people to pay me when I was doing very much in depth FREE accurate readings? I was unable to reply to lets call her Lora, and I had no idea what she was talking about? Anyways anyone that knows me would never use me as a “bully” or a snake in the garden as Kelly called me after she sided with this horrid woman and made her an Honorary administrator because her group had like 5k followers. So after a confusing course of events and false accusations, I left all the groups of Kelly’s power hungry OCD to control everyone and everything. Soon she didn’t realize but I had people that I was good friends with in her private chat, and she changed her story and accused me of the wildest things that I am unsure I would even had the time. The bottom line was she f’ed me over to get more followers in her group, and was jealous of my abilities.

After this course of events, I learned the ways of groups. Kelly’s group has like 1500 members, and I am an Approved Reader for 12 groups, including one of my own, (kelly had people messaging me and harassing me so I reported her and she got banned from facebook for awhile.) Kelly I would like to say thank you! You above all people taught me a valuable lesson, to listen to my inner voice, and I got 99 problems and a bitch ain’t a thing. I am now in several Real groups, one with 38k members, another with 15k, another two with 20 some members, and I am very happy. To those that believed me I am grateful. Those of you that have no common sense or intuition as you were lead to believe in a false facade, screw you. Hate only hurts the hater. Others like me, do not allow anyone to run your life. Just because someone accuses me of something doesn’t mean it is the truth. Especially when their stories changed, and mine is exactly the honest to God’s truth. You are a jealous person and the only snake is the one that reflects back at you when you look in the mirror.

Love is the best medicine and so is laughter, the mean girls crew can try to bring you down, but only if you allow them. There will always be jealousy in the world of anyone in your field when you happen to be one of the best at what you do. Again, just a point, I am merely the messenger, and I began to hate the phrase Love and Light, because I’ve seen it displayed on my IPhone or Facebook messenger too many times by those who sincerely do not come from a place of true Light and Love of the Divine Lord God/Creator/Loving Universe. Oh and one more thing, you don’t own people even readers, or members of your group, and just because I was a reader your not the boss of me. You stabbed the wrong person in the back. Again, the only time I do paid readings is through my personal account on Facebook under my page Angelsspeak.In case you didn’t notice my page has 3 thousand some likes and followers, and so does my FB account. You do not deserve the word Angel to be described in your group’s title. As a mutual acquaintance nick named you, you’re just a “mean girl.” Peace wigga.


Jenelle Ann


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