Karmic Balance : The Undertones of Balance

In a collection of my studies, and what I have come to realize I accumulated an immense combination of how deep the Law of Attraction really is and works, and the Karmic Balance and Retribution of lessons that we either learn or mistakenly repeatedly remake as we go about in each reincarnation of our lives. First off Thoughts are things, and every word uttered or written/thought, feelings, memories, beliefs we possess and everything we hold onto inside of ourselves eventually manifests into reality. The thing is we must learn to focus on not what we are doing, but ask, then believe and expect and pretend and make belief that we are living the life of our dreams. To add fuel to the manifestation of our beliefs gratitude/appreciation, and love (the most powerful force in the Universe) will catapult your desired intention. All you have to do is let go of misery.For a half an hour a day, or while you are commuting on your way to and from work pretend you are living the life of your dreams,see it, feel it, and expect it! Most people do not realize it, but we have become a mistakenly society full of misery, where joy and happiness is as common as the d winning the Powerball. When your driving do you wish your fellow drivers feelings of happiness and love? Or do you like most of us curse, or get aggravated with the way others drive. Love is the key to everything! For when we come from a place of love we are allowing joy to flow into our lives. Think of all those who wronged you in the past. Think of all those whom you wronged in the past. You can quietly ask God or the Universe or even wish the persons whom you wronged for forgiveness. Now send those you wronged feelings of regret and apologize, and release it to the white light of the Universe. Next think of those whom have wronged you. Even those that did evil things to you. Send them love and wish them well, and cut all ties and visualize chords going from your feet or heart to theirs and ask Saint Michael the Archangel to cut those chords, and release it to the white light of the Universe, with feelings of well wishes and love for these people who have wronged you. How do you feel now? Most people will feel a bit lighter, and different. This is going to change the karmic balance of your life. Whenever we wish for something you must always say with no harm done to anyone. There was a girl I knew who wished to own her Uncle Bob’s house out in Arizona. She wished with all her might to inherit his property, and money. Well sooner rather than later Uncle Bob died, unexpectedly. Well my friend did inherit all his property and Estate, and she moved right in. Through Karmic Balance she created negative Karmic retribution for herself because she unknowingly wished for the death of her Uncle Bob. Soon her and her husband began having marital problems, and she came up positive for cancer. She created this scenario by wishing ill will, unknowingly. This is why I strongly suggest that when you wish for something, never wish ill will upon someone, or it comes back to you threefold. Three times worse. The balance of Karma in the Universe will take care of the person who mistreated you, trust me. Nobody, and I mean no one no how, no way, can escape karmic retribution. Even Jesus hinted many times written in the Bible “Love your neighbor”, “Love your enemies”, “Treat others as you would treat yourself.” “Let those who have not sinned be the first to throw the first stone.” Jesus knew the ways of the Universe, even saying “Ask and and you shall receive.” Love and be loved, and send out love to strangers, without thoughts to what it will bring to you. Just love, and you will be happy.


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