Growth & Evolution of The Immortal Soul

I am beyond grateful to have witnessed and experience the miracle of hearing my Guides and Angels telepathically. Since I was but a small child I would Astral Travel to The “Other Side”, or what some refer to as Heaven. I now understand the purpose for our incarnation upon Planet Earth. First off for a pure soul that comes from the place of the Divine Light & Kingdom of Love and Compassion, you must be a very strong soul who has passed all the prerequisite tests and become approved by the Council of Elders. We each choose a Life struggle we wish to work on. For example, my good friend, “Lisa” was born a natural Psychic as I was, but had no family, and no friends, but an Aunt whom did everything to ruin her life, yet she nevertheless remained cheerful by utilizing her vivid imagination, and did her best to remain positive. When she grew up, she married and had 2 children. Her two children betrayed her and her husband and almost had them murdered, and it was such a heartbreaking traumatic experience for her, but she knew as a Mother she did everything possible to show unconditional love to each of her offspring. Because of the malicious brutality of the attempted murder of her and her husband, she hasn’t spoken and doesn’t acknowledge the fact that she had 2 children. She remains positive and sweet, and so eternally beautiful and youthful. Her life struggle was not having a family to rely on. I on the other-hand was fortunate to be blessed with a normal-nice sized family that is loud, nosey, and boisterous. We Each have what some call a Higher Self, which is our soul’s immortal essence of a higher conscious awareness and most people do not get to experience hearing their higher voice. The other day I was sitting in my adorable apartment, I was meditating, and all of a sudden I felt a powerful force take hold over me, I heard a voice that was of my soul’s essence, and it sounded like an echo, female, but deeper sounding, and showed me the chart of mine in the book of life, and gave me information about my future, and I experienced a vision. I do readings in a few different prestigious Psychic-Medium-Light-Worker’s groups. I asked in one of my peers if they ever experienced this phenomenon and finally I found a gentlemen that experienced something similar. He said He had to do a lot of hard work, soul-searching and meditations, but finally he was able to connect and hear his Higher-Self’s voice. He described it as an echo, within a bathroom with a deep resonating voice. I was thrilled that I found someone who had experienced the same situation, except mine came easily. I used to consider some of my blessings as a curse. Such as being able to speak Telepathically with my Guides and Angels. Now I appreciate my blessings, and use them to help strangers everyday. Everyday I do soul-searching exercises and I study several different spiritual texts, and courses, and I expand my horizons. I have vivid visions, and inner sense of deep knowing, and I am forever grateful, but I am merely the messenger, the vessel for Angels, and God-The Divine Source & Creator of all things, and individuals.

While I was searching for the meaning behind coming to Earth I was lead to a marble temple in a trance, and I saw the book of life, and saw each individual child of God being created, and was informed that since we were like newborns, we needed to discover our own unique individuality, personalities, characteristics, and likes, dislikes, preferences, and such and such. There are other worlds, and other dimensions which are much simpler than incarnating upon Earth. The Reason for this is simple. There are souls that live and dwell within the Divine Light. Then there are souls who have turned their backs on unconditional love, and The Light of The Creator, and they are dark, dense souls, who incarnate, and reincarnate without a purpose, and lack compassion. These souls can be born to white-pure (Good) souls unfortunately. This was the case with my friend Lisa, and her offspring that attempted to have her and her husband murdered. The pure-white souls are here simply to work on the ascension of our spiritual planes, and grow through experiences, and learn from mistakes, so as not to repeat them once again. When you are in a stagnant situation, and the same monotonous routine continues to roll, as in Ground Hog’s day, where The Lead Actor wakes up to the same day over and over again until he learns his lesson, and then finally moves on. So when you discover if you are in one of these undesirable predicaments, do some soul-searching. What are you focusing on? What negative energies, entities, or habitual errors are you holding onto? When you uncover your reason for stagnation, you must learn to change your ways of thinking, acting, and reacting. Best advice is think before you react, eat, or agree to anything or anyone in your life. Before you say yes, or crave a goodie, ask yourself, “Is this what I really need? Am I ready to suffer from the repercussions?” Usually you will be amazed that thinking before reacting, serves you well. Go through all the scenarios inside your mind.

Earth is The Universe’s most elite University. Earth is a School for us to grow, evolve, and achieve or accomplish whatever we set our sights upon. It is my wish to become a writer, and the best in my profession or field in Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, and Clairsentience-(empathic) and mediumship. I also aspire to impact this beautiful world in a positive affection. For now I am content, but I see a year of transitioning for so many of us. We are becoming a more accepting, enlightened, deeply compassionate society. I hope we are ready to be awakened to the Divine Spark.


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