Thorough Psychic-Clairvoyant Readings

I am an authentic Psychic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient (Able to hear higher celestial beings such as Angels and Guides from the Other Side), Clairempathic-Feel and channel other people’s energies and emotions, and even places have vibrations, claircognizant-innate sense of knowing where like a computer information from The Divine Creator, Source, Loving Universe, or whoever or whatever you believe in, but am connected to The Divine Light and Higher Collective Consciousness which we are all really interconnected as well, I was just born with an innate sense of knowing without having any other logical explanation of knowing. I am also an expert and Tarot and Oracle card reading which I was guided to learn at age 11 years old. I actually pray and utilize my God given abilities to read other’s and sometimes utilize cards for fun, but do not need them. I am able to guide you upon your soul’s immortal journey of evolutionary growth, and life purpose and pathways. I also can predict future outcomes, sense how others feel about you, and see the best options for you to take in order to have a successful, happy and healthy lifestyle. I charge $45 USA dollars and it is a pretty thorough in depth reading. I accept it through paypal and my email is You can contact me on Facebook under Jell Nell or angelsspeak Facebook page via instant messenger for more details or to schedule a reading. I sincerely hope to hear from you! Thank you for stopping by.

With Brightest of Love and Warm Wishes,



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