The Dawn of An Awakening of the Souls Purpose

We are approaching an age of great upheaval, but this is necessary in order for the new to come and spring forth an age of an awakening of the human psyche and subconscious. Earth is a similar to High School. I was having dreams for several years about going back to High School, and for the love of me I couldn’t understand why? I then after several years of experiencing this near hellish redundant, nightmare I was shown that Earth is a rehabilitation for the souls and spirits of the Divine Light. Our Reincarnation and spiritual growth here on Earth goes by levels of the 12 grades, and levels of ascension, When you reach 12th grade, you graduate and move onto new realms, and higher functioning learners. We each choose our life times, and make contracts with other kindred spirits to be their parent, best friends, siblings, and romantic partner-spouse, wife or husband, and even our bodies and what we choose to work on in order to spiritually ascend. For example someone may choose “family” as their constant struggle. I know of a good friend that did indeed experience this painful process of learning. From experiences, even painful ones we expand our spirituality by growing from what we have learned from the process. This Friend that chose Family as her constant struggle longed for a loving, accepting, peaceful, encouraging, and supportive and close family bond. She was raised by her Aunt who for lack of a better adjective was innately cruel and constantly put her down. My friend whom I will call Roma, was constantly told she wasn’t allowed to have friends because everyone would laugh and scoff at her because she was “pathetic”. Roma was not allowed to go to birthday parties, or attend events such as dances, or even belong to recreational school or any kind of other activities. Roma was also constantly subjected to the fact that her Aunt would tell her she was unattractive, and nobody would ever want her and die alone. Now her Aunt was a large woman, and wore bulky, sweat shirts, and frumpy clothing, and never ever wore any make up or did hera hair, and had no life beyond putting my good dear friend Roma down. Despite Roma’s harsh situation, she remained unbelievably cheerful in her life. She married young, and that didn’t work out. Then she met a man that taught her how to live with abandon. Quite to the contrary of her Aunt’s false comments, Roma was and remains beautiful to this day. Her and her Husband had a child. Despite Roma’s efforts with her child she would be very negative, and Roma is a very positive, and tried her very hardest to show her how to dress, and look pretty and nice. Her daughter was much like her aunt. Her daughter grew up, and moved out. Now one day Roma awoke to a gun being shoved down her throat. and a swat team trying to kill her. Her Daughter had claimed that her parents had treasonous ties to negative radical groups known for terrorism activities. Then they were soon acquitted but the fact that her neighborhood saw a swat team dragging her and her wonderful poor husband and her outside in handcuffs, and in their under wear. was a shameful. In court her daughter stated she did it because her parents never did anything for her. This was a tragedy. Several years later Roma and her husband have not spoken to their daughter, whom by the way never apologized, or yet showed any kind of compassion or remorse of what she did. I firmly believe she should go to jail for lying under perjury. But somehow her daughter got off scott free. Roma’s longing for a loving family was squashed, and her and her husband are so very lucky to remain happy in their solitude. MY life issue is to learn and absorb as much as possible, and to put other’s first.

The Planet Earth, the Universe, it is all alive, and buzzing with activity and so much co-creation. and this is very good. To create is to build, and establish something innovating, and clever, or artistic beauty of any way and kinds, you are the child of the Divine Super Higher Conscious. We are transitioning from a Fourth Dimensional Realm, to a soon Fifth Dimensional realm or plane. There will be various transformations, and changes occurring. First off we will become a more unified society that will work and be in alignment with the fact that Quantum Physics teaches us that thoughts, feelings, emotions, and words uttered, or written and even memories, manifest into energy. Energy then transforms into matter. Energy can never be created nor destroyed, it cycles and goes through the evolution and returns to the Divine and Mother Earth. Our society will focus on being the best version of ourselves as possible. People will say hello to strangers and say “Go with Love”, and send loving thoughts to other’s this will all transpire by 2054. We will have a society that focuses on doing and committing acts of kindness, and have high morality and integrity in the span of time. There will be an ending of obesity, especially within the United States, because the FDA will be discovered and found to have approved toxic food that contains unnatural, unhealthy preservatives that create fat and are bad for the digestive system. Also, farmers will be held accountable for any inhumane ways of treating “Livestock” , and also be prevented from injecting steroids or any other medications into the farm animals. Most of the population will become vegetarians, with a little extra cheats, such as eating seafood, fish, and little things. But there will be a decline in animal cruelty, (For Which I Myself Am Grateful to See). People will live longer, active, healthier lives, and mental illness will be scarce, instead of rampant growth that we have seen and witnessed in the past 20 years or so. Also addictions, and substance abuse recreational drug users will be prevented and have more stringent laws for disobeying the legal system. By 2054 our Mother Earth Or (GAIA) people will live by the laws of Love, and have respect for other’s and their beliefs and cultural activities, and we shall see an age of Peace, and Great expansion of utilizing more sections of the human brain, which I am not sure, but a process of spirituality and science will be a contributing factor to the heightened intelligence of Humankind. We will become great Deliberate Co-Creators, and manifest our intentions rapidly. We will also travel easier, and I see faster teleport transportation methods. I also see there will be telepathic communication, and we shall be all more intuitive and spiritually ascended and inclined. The spiritual beings coming and being born into the world now will witness many historical changes, and events world-wide. Their generation will be one of acceptance, love, practicing The LOA and be aware of The Laws of the Universe, Such as Cause and Effect, or Karmic Balance. You reap what you sow, and that is to be considered. The United States Government will become an Unified, Party elected by the People and for the People, and I do not believe there will be a left or a right side, or liberal, democrat, or GOP parties. There also will not be a President. Our legislation system and judicial system shall play a major component in passing laws, and our party will be a democracy of a parliament, such as The United Kingdom, without royalty. This will be an age of Illumination and unbelievable transformations, and filled with love and gratitude. Planet Earth will become eco-system Friendly and we will use energy and electricity in a storage house in some conceptual way. I do see Towers and Lightening, but that is showing me natural energy being housed. I am leaving you with this information not to show you or frighten you, I am lead to show there is hope no matter how bleak the situation may seem. The Earth is a beautiful place, and brief interlude in comparison to the eternity of our immortal souls. We shall and will become a loving, appreciative society as a whole. I am profoundly humbled to provide this information to you all, Love and gratitude, thank you for reading and sharing.


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