A Reading

Approved Reader# 9 Oracle Cards First One Depicts a Strong Lion going through some harsh times… do not worry you are being granted the strength to leave and release the situation and the person you feel captured or stuck by. The Angels are making room for you to leave. The next card shows Rekindling the child inside of you. Reawaken to follow your dreams and become your authentic self. The 3rd Card depicts “ Get Clear” I see someone that thought that they knew what they wanted but when they received it it wasn’t exactly as plan. Soul search and really figure out what you want in all aspects of your life. Be as specific as possible, and believe it is in the now.. a year, a month, a week is not the future the only thing is the now- the present tense. So see your dream life in the Now. Next thing is to accept yourself as you are, also those whom have wronged you in the past need to be released to the white light of the Universe and forgiven. Hate only festers and hurts you. So don’t allow anyone to ruin your happiness.

Next Card Depicts a transformation of going from a meek and shy person to becoming sharp, Clear, strong person who is not afraid to stand up or go after what they deserve and desire. Go for it, they are clearing the path for you to have your dreams into reality. You will transform into a gifted, higher functioning, new and improved version of you but was always inside of you waiting to be released.

Fifth Card- Shows everything flowing into the right place and at the right time and life being easy for a change. I do see you in the next card 6 Reliable and the harp and candles and being at peace with yourself. You will find out that you will take pride in your appearance, your work, and home. You will give the best of you and be proud of yourself. Also many of you with your various talents will become renowned and respected and highly regarded in their fields.

Card 7-8- I see a rainbow 🌈 and Receiving a Divinely guided message that will improve your creativity and extraordinary talents and gifts to their fullest potentials… you will be very creative and artistic. Also an old flame comes back into your life once you make it possible for them to return into your life. I see a light around you that shines with a beautiful sense of hope and gratitude for your blessings… let your authentic self shine bright. We are in an age of many differences coming into the light, so we must accept those for who they are and not judge. Take pride and be kind to everyone. You are not only doing yourself and others a favor but the world at large reaps rewards from unconditional love.

Last Card 9- An Unexpected inheritance or blessing, opportunity arrives! You will be jumping for joy! This will open up so many financial successes for you and you will love what you do for a living. This is a message from the angels of mercy.