Ask the Angels

Angels are everywhere. Until recently I would be a skeptic myself if I didn’t witness astral travel, and hearing the angels myself since I was but a small child. I am here to tell you by Raziel, and Haniel The Angel of Miracles, and the Angel of Grace of God, that we are about to experience an awakening, or spiritual enlightenment. I am new to this automatic writing so please bare with me. I was once a lost, sad person. I went off the path, and strayed. Through divine intervention I stand here, healthy and alive. I should be dead, but God created this cataclysm and I am here sober, and ready to divulge some ancient secrets. Many of you are good people, but as human beings we all have flaws. I myself have many, and do not claim to be special. I am a normal person, that is currently experiencing a phenomenon. Two years ago Angels from the 7th level of Heaven introduced themselves to me, and said I was selected because I was told I have a pure soul, and heart. I don’t know much about that, I always tried to be kind, and always had insurmountable faith in God, but I am going to reveal some details. There are blessings everyday, the more you look for them, and the more you show gratitude, and pay it forward so to speak, the more you will receive in return for your generosity. God wants you all to be happy, and live your lives to the fullest every single day is precious. You will never be in this moment ever again, and no day is like the next. Each new day brings untold promises, and blessings, and lessons to be learned, and I always believed that I learned something true everyday. I am writing a book, in which I know only shall be dictated by the angels themselves, and God of course. I do perform readings, and have much to say. Most of my blogs were based on the Law of Attraction. When I asked for what my life’s purpose was, I was filled with this insatiable urge to write, and write and write, so I tablets, and journals all over the place. I mean I have kept a diary, or journal since I could understand how to read and write, (age 5 yrs old). Now I have much to discuss, and great work to do. I shall be writing blogs frequently from now on, but they are like I said, coming from God’s angels. I am merely the tool, or vessel to shower you with healing words of wisdom, and answer some questions that have burned inside of my soul and other minds for centuries. So I begin, and I hope you all have a blessed day where all your dreams, and happiness is fulfilled. God/Loving Universe, and Angels be with you.

Love, xoxoxo

Jenelle Annn