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Hello and welcome. I am a certified, and trained Life coach. I am also an expert, and true, natural born psychic medium that happens to have the blessings of being able to communicate with Heaven, and God’s Loving Angels. My Angels guide me, and they want you all to know that they are always with you, and because of Free Will, they cannot intervene in times of despair, or destruction, unless you permit them to assist and guide you. I do perform full in depth, Life purpose, paths, and guidance readings for a small fee of $45. USA dollars. You can contact me via email which is either at,, or via my Facebook page, “Angelsspeak.” I am a true Light-Worker and it fills me with great joy to assist and offer messages of hope. Because I am connected to the light, I am a Pure Psychic & Medium that offers only uplifting readings, If I see anything of worry I will do my best to guide you so we may prevent any damage from happening. My Angels guide me with my readings, and with permission I connect with your guides and Angels, and departed loved ones as well. I do hope to hear from you, and I send Loving Angel’s unconditional well-being and wish you the warmest and happiest of wishes.


Jenelle Ann