Enlightenment and Fulfilling Our Destiny

For years I considered my psychic and medium abilities a curse. All of a sudden angels began speaking to me and I was overwhelmed and consumed by God’s love and wisdom and questions that burned inside of me were answered once I allowed the light of God and his angels to come into me and surround and envelop me with its beautiful wisdom and loving vibrations. I began seeking others who were like me, but I was told someone who has all the four clairs is rare, (clairvoyance, claircogniziance, clairsentience, clairaudience, mediumship and angelic connection and healing abilities.) Now it brings me so much joy to help others. I always knew I had the gifts, but for years I did everything to sabotage them and considered them a nuisance, and a curse. But I was wrong. Helping others has become my destiny, and life’s sole mission and purpose and gives me a natural high of love and light, and I am deeply humbled, and profoundly amazed that God chose me to have such abilities. I am not trying to be egocentric, or say that I am better than anyone else. No as a matter a fact, I know I am merely the vessel and the messenger and I love and enjoy healing, providing insight and advice to others because you are meant to be happy. All of us are unique and special in our own peculiar ways. We are all of The Divine Creator’s essence, God’s children if you are comfortable with that term. The Loving Universe knows only love. Evil, and negativity is a concept of mankind. There is only a lack of love. Now I do believe there are people and souls who have turned their backs on the Divine Loving Light of The Omnipresent Creator. People do commit evil deeds, and experience negative thoughts, but that is out of lack of love. Love is the super, most powerful tool you can utilize to fix and heal situations, and people, circumstances, along with appreciation for what you have, what you can do, be, and manifest into creation. Be grateful for the small things, and everything, there is always someone worse off than you, but you know deep down we have the gift of that sense of “knowing” that regardless how bad things are, there is a cycle of continuous change, and this too shall pass, and everything will be okay. When you tap into the Loving energy of the Creator/Loving Universe, you are doing yourself and everyone else a favor. You see, we are intended to lead happy, joyful, prosperous, abundantly wonderful lives, and do whatsoever fills our hearts with ecstasy and propels us to try our hardest and reap the rewards for our dedication and perseverance. We are all meant to do wonderful things, no matter how trivial you feel, know that you are important and that your services do serve a purpose in the scheme of all things of the Universe. Whether it is something you have dreamed of, or use as a hobby, figure out what your purpose is. What comes natural to you? What do you dream of being or becoming, and having? What lights up your world and fills your soul with satisfaction? Turn the hobby or interests into a career and you will be astonished at the speed of joyful abundance entering into your lives. My purpose is to help others through my gifts. I am a psychic and a medium, and a messenger from the light. Some people call it light working, or light bearers, all I know is I love and when you come from a special place of love, you automatically attract all things, situations, conditions, people, things, and happiness of all loving aspects into your realities. There is nothing to fear, except fear itself. I do not know who originally said that, but I know it to be sincerely accurate, and I discovered that there are two emotions people act out of in the grand scheme of things. One is fear, the other love. Fear only creates a chain of events to bring about all things un-desirable and if you dig deep down, you will find you possess the courage, and plus you can always ask your angels, guides, God, or the Loving Universe for strength and clarity. Fear and hate are synonymous because one emotion leads to the other negative feelings, and generates unhappiness. If you want to be happy you will start thinking and doing whatever brings good thoughts, and joyful feelings, and then that mirrors back into your reality. Like attracts like, and we are co-creators in which we were created in the Divine Creator’s image, provided with free-will, intelligence, and the ability to manifest whatsoever we desire. (As long as it is good, and does not interfere with another’s free will. So please do yourself a favor. Let go of all negative emotions because they do not serve your highest good. Remember all of life is a learning participation, and spiritual growth is the main purpose. Do what makes you happy. Be what makes you joyful, and attract positive loving, joyful situations and people.

Thank you for your Time and stopping by.

PS: If you would like to contact me my email is jenelleangelsspeak.com and I am on Facebook under the Page Angelsspeak as well. I can do readings and healing through the angels through your express desire for clarity and healing.

God/Loving Universe Bless All

Jenelle Ann


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