For the Enlightenment of Narrow-Minded

The other day as I was browsing away on this lovely site of bloggers (wordpress), I stumbled upon a poorly written article with a title that went something along the lines of “All Psychics & Mediums are The Works of Satan”. I am a natural born psychic, and medium, and I am also a spiritual person that has been profoundly close to God my entire life. I would often dream of Heaven or the Other Side, (Whichever term you are comfortable about,) and as far back as I could remember I had visions of Jesus, the Angels, and would hear and feel the presence and voice of God. I do not need tools to read others, for I can see their soul and their auras easily as you see the physical 3 dimensional world. I tried explaining to this lady that God is responsible for my gifts or extraordinary abilities, and that I have never encountered anything dark, or ominous such as “Satan”. In fact I do not give “Satan” any faith whatsoever. I also possess two degrees in History and Psychology, and study theology, and spirituality, and practice being open-minded, and apply my studies to my personal growth and development as I progress, and learn, body, mind, and spirit. This lady who wrote the article that didn’t hold any facts had the audacity or ignorance of one who lives in The Dark of Middle Ages, called me a witch and an occultist who is “heavily demonically oppressed.” I would like to address the fact that I pointed out to her That Jesus Christ of Nazereath was of Royal Blood and lineage being a direct descendant of King David, and was indeed married to Mary Magdalene, who also came from a wealthy family, and that is Earth Father Joseph was a wealthy Man whom owned a Carpentry Business and employed other workers. Jesus also was deeply spiritual, having traveled to other countries while they lack the wisdom of his whereabouts for around 11 years. There is evidence that he traveled to India, and learned meditation, and other spiritual practices, and studied as I do now. I am a student of the Universe. We learn something new every day, and I believe in the evolutionary growth of the soul, and the ascending of levels, and how we learn through experiences is enriching and what God intended. Back to Jesus, who taught to “ask and it shall be given”, the one who believes receives, gratitude, loving one another, do not judge others, put yourself in someone else’s shoes or place, and to worship God and love unconditionally. Jesus was hinting to the Law of Attraction. In fact he gave thanks to his Heavenly Father before performing each miracle. Jesus possessed wisdom on utilizing gratitude and love to multiply and create abundance. He said we are all his children and children of God we are. God said creation is good, which is why he has given us so many gifts. The gift of coming to Earth to learn, and grow from mistakes, and not repeat, but move ahead, and we have the ability to co-create and freedom of our will. Back to this woman I would like to add, that up until the 19th century it was considered blasphemy to have a Bible in your native language and that only Priests, Cardinals, Bishops, and the Pope were able to pray for you by paying alms, and only they were permitted to know the contents of the Bible. Not only that, but at the council of Nicea where Emperor Constantine sat down with the corrupt, power hungry, greedy, and selfish men who wanted people to fear God, omitted scriptures/gospels of Mary Magdalene, Jesus’s brothers, and even writings of Jesus. In fact no Historian can tell who exactly “Matthew, Luke, Mark, and John were”, because they were written hundreds of years apart in different forms of Arabic, and Aramaic. Revelations was written by a deranged man who was exiled to an island, because he had gone insane and was suffering delusions of grandeur. The generous person I am, shared this information with the ill begotten, misinformed woman, who only had opinions based on her own beliefs. I didn’t ask, but which Biblical version is the correct one? How can you even tell? I do not judge, but when cast as an occultist, “devil worshiping witch”, I couldn’t resist the jibe on her IQ being lower than my Chinchillas, Mimzy and Hoss. Have a wonderful Holiday. For those of you Christians, I want you to know I do believe in the teachings of Jesus, and love him. I just had to put this out there for the unenlightened and uneducated. Happy Holidays! When in doubt, do some research!