Fulfill Your Destiny

No matter how cliche it may sound, we are all on a journey of self discovery, and spiritual growth. I discovered the one thing that was holding me back from achieving my dreams, was the fact that I was to preoccupied with focusing on what is going on now, instead of what I want to be. The Abraham-Hicks books discuss the “Art of Allowing.” To be an Allower, you must send out a frequency, a vibration where you feel that you own, have, are, and am whatsoever you choose and desire and intend. Deliberate creation can be tricky, because most of us, including myself (up into recently) always focused and felt what I didn’t want to happen being more realistic as opposed to what I desire to happen is going to happen. So how do you become An Allower? By feeling it deep within, your intentions are yours, and you are expecting them to be a part of your life right in this moment. I say practice visualizing your ideal, dream lifestyle for 30 to 60 minutes a day. See and visualize yourself living, having, owning, receiving all good things in great abundance flowing effortlessly into your life, and those you care about lives as well. Feel yourself, inside and be grateful, and send all the positive happy, wonderful vibrations of love for your life that will be you in your near future, present tense reality. Know that all your intentions, needs, and dreams will be fulfilled, and you will be ecstatic! I swear. If you want to lose weight, do not focus on losing weight, because that will draw forth more scenarios that will alter your reality into more situations of needing to lose weight. Instead, focus on being skinny, and your ideal weight. Look at a picture of the ideal, perfect body you so want, and picture you being that thin, or way, and visualize the scale showing your ideal weight. Then it will be so, as the Law of attraction never fails us. Our intentions, and decisions will introduce us to an array of abundant, happy, joyful situations. Each day, picture yourself having a wonderful, joyful life. I know it can be difficult at first. I even used to have this mindset where it was much easier to believe the bad about myself, including others, instead of thinking positive, happy feelings and thoughts as I should of been. Everything you give attention to, is an invitation into your life, because our souls and thoughts are magnetic, as are our words, feelings, and beliefs. Before your day begins, start counting your blessings. As you are taking a shower and preparing for your day ahead, plan a happy day and send thoughts of love to everyone in your life, and you will be surprised at the significant difference and improvements to your relationships with whether it is your romantic partner, co-workers, family, and friends, neighbors, etc…. The best way to manifest and draw forth happiness, is to feel good, and milk that emotion and use it to add momentum to your intentions, and you will become a positive deliberate creator in this constantly expanding Universe. So I will say, Good bye for now. I wish you every happiness the Loving Universe has to offer you and more!