I am Who I am: Angels Talk

I am aware that many people claim to be Angel Card readers, but I am very different, and I will explain why. All of my life I have been close to God, for some unknown reason, I knew I came here on an important mission and I was 5 swinging on our backyard swing-set looking up to the clouds, and having visions. At night I would dream of Heaven, later on in life I learned this was called “Astral Travel,” and also have prophetic dreams about world events that I didn’t understand, even world and natural disasters, that would frighten me. I lost touch with my true self when I turned to drugs. Then I stopped dreaming of Heaven, a man from the council (Council of Spiritual Masters who approve our life chart progressions) was sitting on a couch talking to my deceased Father, and they had my journal, (it was sort of like reading Niki Styx “Heroin Diaries,” ) except I was into prescription pain killers, opiates. The man from the council, and my Father would not speak to me, although they were sitting facing me on the opposite couch. I yelled, “Dad I’m right here!” He just wept and then the dream ended and I stopped having visions, and stopped visiting angels. Then through a course of events that sound unbelievable, call it Divine intervention I got the help I so desperately needed, and I am proud to say I have been sober nearly 5 years. Two years ago I was laying down, and suddenly I felt a rush of overpowering immense Love pouring into me, and a beautiful kind special voice spoke through me in a telepathic way, and introduced themselves as Angels from the seventh level. They said despite me going off track I never managed to lose my faith in God, and that many blessings are on their way. I have been in touch with the Arch Angels, and I all of a sudden felt a voracious urge to write and read all spiritual based books about the sacred mysteries of the Universe. Going back to childhood I have always had all four of the “Clairs”. I am clairvoyant, claircogniziant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and I am a medium whom angels speak through. The messages of the angels are not ready to be released but here are some things they want you to know.

1. You are Loved beyond comprehension.
2. You all are important, most of you are white-(good) souls.
3.God created you in His image and gave you the power to co-create as well as free-will. (manifesting with your thoughts, words, and emotions, and operating on a vibration level where you are able to feel what you are pulling towards you.
4. You only have to ask us for help, we need your permission because of free-will. Ask and you shall receieve.
5. Love is the most powerful force in all the Universes.
6. We are approaching an age of enlightenment, and many issues will be addressed.
7. We will be utilizing Jenelle as vessel, as she is pure of heart, despite her own self-incriminating thoughts, and imperfect human nature vices.
8. All Religions hold a certain truth.
9. We are going to connect with most of you when you read this.
10. Everyday release all negativity to God or the Loving Universe, whichever goes with your own personal beliefs, and open up for unconditional love,visualize a beautiful Golden Light filling you,completely surrounding you.
11. As you are all diverse, Each and everyone of you may come from either different dimensions, and levels and sections of the Universe, and the After Life.
12. God is love, and wants you all to be happy, and have everything you desire.