Messages From Angels

Approved Reader#THE ANGELS want you to know that your prayers are always heard. All you have to do after asking, is to believe the Lord-Divine Source-Loving Universe shall deliver your requests in a timely manner. I see an opportunity approaching for many to venture into their creative hobbies and doing what you love for profitable resources.. many of you will become financially independent and successful. There are some whom take care of family members and the angels are so proud of the unconditional love you show by your selfless acts of kindness and putting others needs before your own. You all are experiencing an awakening of the Divine Light Within you’re spirit-Soul and higher selves. This is a time where our society becomes an open-minded, accepting, loving society that lack stigmas and loves people and doesn’t judge them for who they are and what they choose to present themselves out to the world. I do see major changes in Politics- A shift in a more Parliamentary non right or left side- a union of solidarity in leadership in the near future. This world is shifting from a fourth dimensional to a fifth dimensional plane of higher functioning souls incarnating and already here. Go for the golden opportunities knocking at your door. Remember with change comes the seeds of growth, and the evolution of the education of the ascension of the soul.