The Karmic Laws of The Universe: Do not think of revenge, for karma will take care of all matters.

1. The Great Law: “The Law of Cause and Effect.” Whatever you give out, you get back in return 3 fold. Meaning (Three times worse)or better.

2. The Law of Creation.: Better known, as the Law of Attraction. Whatsoever one thinks, feels, and operates on a “vibration”, one creates, and is constantly expanding and creating everyday. The Universe has no end. It is constantly expanding and evolving, and is limitless. As we are as well.

3. The Law of Humility.: Whatever you resist persists. This can also be known as the Law of reciprocity. Like attracts like.

4. The Law of Growth. We all have lived many lives upon this planet, and other planets as well. In our DNA and cells carries memories stored from previous lives. This has enabled us to grow spiritually, and become stronger, and more in tune with the Loving Universe. The Law of Growth, speaks for itself, we are all constantly growing and gaining wisdom, for our eternal souls, which is our true purpose.

5. The Law of Responsibility. : You are accountable for your actions. What one sows, one reaps as well. Life/Loving Universe is a mirror, reflecting back your thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs. So you are responsible for your actions and whatsoever you have manifested.

6. The Law of Connection. : We are never alone. We are all connected to Loving-spirit-source-of Father God, which is the energy of the flowing of abundant unconditional Love.  We humans have non-physical selves, eternal souls, in which we are always connected to here in the physical world, but we do not remember our previous lives, or our true home, which is on the Other-side. We are spiritual beings of light and love, and we come from a place where there is only joy, happiness, and harmony. One day, we will return to our true selves and our home. There is no death, there is only transfiguration of the soul from departure of the physical world into the spiritual world where we originally come from.=. The Law of Vibration. : We all operate on different frequencies. The most basic way to explain the vibrations, is between what we know as good feelings as opposed to bad feelings. If you wake up every day and think positive about your life and mentally plan your day out, you are operating on a healthy, deliberate creation vibration, in which you are utilizing The Law of Attraction to make your day go smoothly, and happily. If you are in a negative mood, and thinking unhappy thoughts, you are operating on a negative vibration, in which you will attract more circumstances, feelings, and thoughts of negative aspects in this vibration.

8. The Law of Paying it Forward. : Some call this the Law of giving and hospitality. This Law specifies that when we do a good deed, we set a cycle of events, in which your good deed because of karma, comes back to you somehow. For example, when you do a good deed, such as help a stranger who is stranded out in the freezing cold winter, and bring them to a safe place where they can then proceed to go about their day, safely, you are creating a ripple effect. For that good deed, will come back to you, perhaps whenever you are in need? For example, Love flows continuously. When you send out vibrations of love to a person, that person will feel that love, and may return it to you, or use it for some one else, but someone else will come back and send feelings of love to you in return. Love goes around and around in a circle. Love is eternal. It is the Law.

9. The Law of living in the Present Tense. : The power of now is about being aware of your surroundings, and focusing your thoughts on now. You cannot say, I will change in the future, because that goes against the flow of the Universe, and you must act in the present tense, or it will be forever in the future, and you will never get to do, what you set your goals to do. Live today as if it is your last day. Goodbyes sometimes mean forever. Now, is a power into itself. I am, so I shall be.

10. The Law of Change. Life is about growth, and we are continuously expanding and learning and growing from experiences. If you find yourself stuck in a vicious cycle of stagnation, then you are not learning your lessons, and you need to be the change, you so desperately need, in order to move on with your life, and let go of past mistakes. History can repeat itself, only if we allow it to be so.

11. The Law of Patience and Reward: Karmic Retribution. Karma, and the Universe dictates those who are kind, and commit good deeds, shall be rewarded eventually in the cycle of life. So do not worry, karma will deliver an abundance of all good rewards.

12. The Law of Significance and Inspiration. Whatsoever one gives, one gets back. The circle of life is continuously flowing. Whatever you find to be as great importance to you, will reveal itself in time once you are ready to see and be the inspiration you have been seeking. Your life’s purpose will reveal itself to you, if you seek it, you will find it. We all are contributors to the Universe, and even if you play a small part in the role of life, know that you are of great importance.

What you should know:

We have all lived many lives here on Earth, and other planets and other dimensions as well. Earth is like the Harvard, or Yale of The Unlimited, Magnificent Universe. Only the strongest survivors may come here to learn and grow. There are what I call, dark souls, who come here from a place, I have no knowledge about, but I know they do not get to replenish themselves in the Paradise of the Other-side, or as some call it Heaven. Heaven/Other-side is a place where our eternal souls dwell for eternity, and we are all constantly busy doing important tasks, and living joyfully, and happily ever after with all of our loved ones, including our pets. We have come here to study, and grow spiritually. Here there is many good, (pure souls), and there is also, (dark souls). We feel lonely and depressed at times because we miss our true home, where love is abundant, and happiness is all that we know. Life is but a brief interlude, in the space of eternity and soon we will all be together on the Other-side.

Thank You To My Readers.